managing marketing stressIf you are like me, your job scope is always creeping. Why? Because things have to get done and we want those things done right. But as you take on more projects, your list of responsibilities starts to stack up. And if you are truly invested in your company’s success, it’s likely that marketing has been added to the list. You want to share your company’s products and services with the world, but who has time to keep up with the everchanging marketing atmosphere? It can be stressful trying to manage it all and plan truly remarkable content. As it turns out, though, planning is the best medicine for managing marketing stress. (Well vacations on remote islands with boozy tropical drinks are truly the best medicine, but since those are far and few between we will focus on planning.)
Here are a few useful suggestions for planning your content that will help relieve some of the marketing stress you’re under:

Keep your Topics Organized with a Topic Tab.
Keep a running tab of topics and social media ideas. Any time you come across a happy customer testimonial or fun fact, be sure to write it down in a notepad, whether that notepad is paper or digital. That way you never run out of fresh content for your audience. Keep track of inspiring articles and useful infographics you want to share with your readership. You can even make a public document that others in the company can contribute to. Offering a steady stream of remarkable content isn’t easy and having to go searching for ideas can be time consuming. Having your own index of topics and resources makes the planning process much simpler.

Stick to a schedule with a Content Calendar.
managing marketing stressJust yesterday I was helping a new client with their content calendar. She was so amazed by the simplicity and usefulness of a little spreadsheet. A content calendar is very simply a calendar of planned content. You can have a blog topic calendar, social media post calendar, or a combination of the two. They can be as detailed or vague as you want. In my experience: the more detailed you make your content calendar, the more helpful it will be to you, but even jotting down and scheduling simple topic ideas will make your marketing go more smoothly. Some use an actual calendar and fill in each day with a blog topic (from your topic tab), while others make a spreadsheet detailing the topic, a short description, and resources for each blog planned. Others still pre-write every word of their Facebook posts for a week in advance with links and images. Try a couple of ways and see how it works best for you. An hour of planning can make your marketing a breeze and save you a lot of angst and stress along the way. The easier you make it on yourself, the less likely it is to get moved to the bottom of your list.

Schedule Posts on Social Media to ensure continual engagement.
Once everything is planned why not go ahead and post it? There are several platforms that allow you to schedule future posts. Of course WordPress and Blogger allow you to schedule a blog to post at a future date and time, but you may not have realized that Facebook does as well. You can schedule a whole week (or more) of engaging content in advance. Simply create the post and click the little clock and the option to choose your future date and time will appear automatically. Be sure to check out this handy infographic for the best times to post on social media.
Other social media management tools like HootSuite or Hubspot’s social inbox allow you schedule posts to multiple social media platforms as well as multiple accts and business pages from one place. They’re both really quite handy in their own ways.

There you have it. A few simple ways to more easily plan your marketing content and help you with managing marketing stress. With this knowledge and set of tools, you have what you need to begin planning your marketing content. Planning is half the battle. As it turns out, managing marketing stress is way easier than you thought.

As a bonus, I am even sharing the content calendar template we use with you. Click to download Content Calendar Template.
You love me, I know.

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