5229473038_a9e8389e96_mIf there is one common thread that ties together our “Manage Your Marketing” series of posts, it has to be organization. We have mentioned the importance of organization in passing on numerous occasions, but today we thought we would hit the topic head on. Why is organization important for marketers to embrace? Let us count the ways.

1. Organization paves the pathway to good communication

If you are organized, you can more effectively communicate with other people on the marketing team, not to mention with people in sales, HR, PR, or the C-Suite. You know where your resources are, you know how to define your plan and objectives, and when you are asked to support a decision or to access information, you can do so swiftly. Compare this to a scenario in which you are trying to interface with someone who is disorganized. They have a difficult time getting their hands on the information you need. They might miss meetings with you or they might lose important emails or paperwork. This can slow everyone and everything down. In a deadline-oriented business, this can be deadly.

2. Organization prevents mistakes

Companies that are organized in their approach to marketing can stave off mistakes that can make the company as a whole look bad. A disorganized company can discover that an ad with one message is running at the same time as a webinar with a contradictory message. A disorganized marketing team will miss deadlines, which can cause a snowball effect of disasters.

3. Organization breeds confidence

When you are organized, people from various departments can ask you a question and you can either answer it quickly without looking anything up or you can quickly get to the information you require. The more you are able to answer questions effectively and efficiently, the more confident you will become in your own abilities. People catch on to this kind of confidence quickly and they will continue to return to you and your department as a valuable resource.

4. Organization can open the doors to new opportunities

If you are organized, you can better prepare for new opportunities that might fall your way. Instead of faltering merely to get accomplished what needs to get done, organization can help you in working ahead, planning for new presentations, proposals, or client work, and integrating that new opportunity in an organized fashion into your existing framework.

5. Organization can help you more effectively solve problems

Chaos begets chaos. If you run into a problem and you are already struggling to get organized, everything can get worse. On the other hand, if you are already organized, weaving problem-solving into your itinerary can be much easier. You can approach the problem in a more calm manner, your solutions will be more efficiently communicated, and you will be able to readily access any team members and information you may need.

These are just five ways we could think of as to why marketers must bring organization into their work and into their company. It does not matter if you work for an agency or if you work as part of an internal marketing department. Organization as a marketer is essential.

How has organization helped you with your work? We’d love to hear from you!

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smemon/5229473038 via Creative Commons