TimeA few months ago a potential client came to me expressing that they were looking to grow their community and that they needed some help marketing.

After listening to their story I realized their marketing problem was very simple: they simply weren’t connected to the right people. The community they were trying to reach already existed. They didn’t need to grow it. They just needed to become a participant.

So, rather than taking their money I told them I would make a few introductions to the folks that could get them hooked up with the community they wanted to connect with. I suggested they sponsor one of the community events. The cost of entry was a few token dollars.

A couple of weeks went by and the potential client hadn’t contacted the people I introduced them to. It was if they couldn’t be bothered. Their excuse was, ‘they didn’t have time and it slipped through the cracks.’

I felt extremely disappointed. Here I had gone out of the way to tee up a plum opportunity, and they just could take a few minutes to connect. It was an act of extreme laziness.

You see, the fact is that we are all busy. We are all swamped for time. We are all bombarded by our Twitter feeds. We are all struggling for an extra hour in the day. No matter what you think…you are not the exception. Period.

So, when you say ‘I’m too busy to get involved. Or I’m too busy to respond to email. Or I’m too busy to volunteer. Or I’m too busy to help out’ …

What you are really saying is, “This isn’t important enough to me to make time for.”

So if your community isn’t important enough to make time for, why should they make time for you?