Marketing InvestmentI believe the next great marketing win will happen today!

We live in a time where we have so much power at our fingertips to build up our client base like never before. Over the past few weeks, I have made it a point to step up my game in the areas of customer and employee service. It is critical that process improvements keep up with the changing technology. It is a movement toward a 24×7 work culture. The top notch supervisors are looking for ways to showcase the work that their department is performing and the clientele they are serving. In addition, clients are looking to connect with companies that are growing, expanding knowledge and are vastly different then their competition.

Some of the areas I am focusing on are the following:

  • Revamping current processes and making them simple again.
  • Looking for ways to build better metrics. I can’t build relationships off of data that is not relational. Believe me, I’ve tried.
  • Looking for new products and services –New products and services are being offered daily and I am asking more and more questions of vendors, partners and clients.
  • eMail is the best social media platform period.

Where I am headed in the future:

  • Linkedin is still a great place for business
  • A new website must be a huge upgrade than the past predecessors if its going to make a difference.
  • Getting out of the office more is the norm.
  • Evaluating employee talent is critical
  • Following clients closer is also a must. Many clients are looking to do more business if we would just take more of an interest in their company.
  • Taking more ownership of marketing by bringing people in and bringing clients and employees together more to build closer relationships
  • Execute more on ideas – Get to market faster

Where I will not be spending my time in the future:

  • Getting caught up in looking at web impressions or social media counts. Counts mean little, go to Twitter and look closer at the people I am connected with. There is a difference.
  • Reading so many marketing books. Need to own the process and learn what I am good at and focus on that more and worry less about the other stuff. Football players, who play for a living don’t focus on being a better basketball player, they know what they are good at and they focus on being the best at their sport.
  • Trying to learn all about the different marketing platforms myself. It is time to leverage the knowledge of others and get to market faster.
  • Focusing so much time on ideas


Marketing is where things are at for me as an executive and owner of a company. The marketing landscape is changing and the opportunities are laying in front of us every day. It is my daily challenge to work on those opportunities and continue to build a successful business by working with others to produce results that meet client needs and continue to add value to their business. My challenge is to put more work into day-to-day marketing and I believe that work will pay off with respect to the real numbers for the future.