Are You Making the Biggest Internet Marketing Mistake?

Internet marketing—websites, white papers, YouTube videos, social media, pay-per-click and more—has become a major part of many business-to-business companies’ lead-generation strategies. It appeals to marketers with its promise of cost-effectively attracting prospects who are genuinely interested in their products and solutions.

And it can deliver that promise. But it could do it better if marketers were not making one big mistake.

That mistake? They are not combining Internet marketing with other tried-and-true outbound marketing techniques that could multiply success rates. Instead, Internet marketing, all shiny, new and full of promise, has lured more and more marketing dollars away from more personal tactics such as in-person events and telemarketing.

And this means marketing programs are not reaching their full potential.

Here’s the cold, hard truth: Research from Inside shows companies are failing to use the most effective lead generation techniques—inside sales, executive events and telemarketing.

How did they anoint these old-fashioned marketing methods as the winners? Through a highly up-to-date, sophisticated analysis. They put their software to work, pulling together data from the top global sales organizations. And even though it revealed telemarketing and executive events are two of the three most effective lead generation techniques, only one-third of their 1000+ clients are using them.

Marketers are clearly leaving sales potential on the table by not adding the human touch to their promotional mix—talking to people at events or over the phone. Just because Internet marketing can be highly effective, it doesn’t mean that you should use it exclusively.

Bake Your Marketing Cake with All the Ingredients

Marketing is like baking a cake. It’s how you put the ingredients together in the right order and quantities that makes the difference between edible and irresistible. Just because people love the taste of sugar, butter, and chocolate, it doesn’t mean you should leave the flour out of the recipe. That’s the ingredient that binds everything together that tempts the taste buds.

So what’s missing from your promotional-mix that could entice prospects? In all likelihood it’s the human touch that you achieve through in-person events or phone conversations. You need to talk with prospects to learn about their needs, and build solid relationships.

So find out which events to attend to get face-to-face with the decision-makers you want to attract. And integrate telemarketing in your lead management process in all the right places. Here are some ideas.

    • Respond to Leads Faster and Better

Got online leads? Respond to them in the first few minutes after you receive them, and you’re 21 times more likely to qualify them than if you wait half an hour.

    • Target Decision-Makers You Want to Reach

Do you have target prospects you want to bring into the fold? Somehow they’re not stumbling across your website online? Reach out to them directly in a telephone lead-generation campaign.

    • Give Your Sales Force Leads They’ll Love

Sales commonly complains that the leads they receive from marketing aren’t qualified. Marketing complains that sales people don’t follow up on leads.

End this argument forever.

Put a team of people on the phone to qualify leads—make sure they are interested in your products and solutions, have the budget and authority to buy, and a sense of urgency to make it happen soon.

So try to bring together new digital marketing tactics with those that add the human touch to enhance your lead generation programs and build your sales. For more information download our FREE e-book: “Bridge the Divide Between Sales and Marketing”.

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