Make a Difference MarketingChange is the one constant today. Making a difference is the key!

I am amazed how quickly marketing information catches on and tails off. Think about the Harlem Shake. Is that in or is it a past fad? What about March Madness? Does anyone remember who made it to the Final Four? Are you watching your sales numbers closer than ever?

How about yesterday’s Hijacked Twitter AP Account. In a matter of minutes some bogus tweets were posted and the stock market reacted. This is the kind of world we live in. How do we plan for such volatility in our businesses.

I guess I look at it as we are on a journey and we need to stay the course. That course is the principles and brand of our company and how we perform and produce and ultimately serve our clients.

We need to stay close to our business processes and constantly listen to our clients. I am not saying we need to change everyday, I am saying we need to be ready for the unexpected and seek opportunities in our markets and with our clients to make a difference.

Yesterday two guests arrived to learn more about my company and to potentially work together. These two individuals traveled a number of miles to visit with me for a short hour. As we were walking out after our meeting, I invited them on a short tour of our company. They accepted and left with a different understanding of what we do at our business. Now, I am not saying, you should spend this type of time with everyone who comes in the door, you need to be selective, but how often do we really give people a better perspective of what we do and why we do the things we do.

This is just one example. You can take this approach online by creating videos. I have received more comments and more calls this year because I took a step to be more transparent with our company. Check out the Midwest Labs You Tube Channel.

Make a difference today and tell your story so people really understand what you do.

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