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When you were a child, you probably read fairy tales with your parents – “The Three Little Pigs,” “Cinderella” or “Snow White.” You remember them to this day and you can probably re-tell the entire story to someone without thinking about it. But why?

A good fairytale, a good novel, a good movie – and a good PR campaign – all have certain elements in common. First, there’s a likeable protagonist. Second, there’s a significant problem, a little drama. And third, the protagonist resolves the problem in a creative or imaginative way.

In business, storytelling – creating your brand – follows a very similar pattern. Just like building a house, brick by brick. The goal is to get people in your target audience to remember who you are and what you do and to see your company as the “best in the business.”

Remember the three R’s … when you tell winning stories in just the right way, you create a tale for which people can:

  1. Relate
  2. Recall
  3. Re-tell

For example, let’s say you sell disaster recovery services. You have a client whose building was completely destroyed by a hurricane or earthquake. If they had not used your disaster recovery service, their entire company would have ceased to exist because all their data would have been lost. But your service, which stands out among others because of an ingenious way you have found to deliver it, was able to get your client up and running, functioning normally within only a couple of days.

Any smart businessperson knows the same thing could happen to them. They can relate to the story. They can recall what happened to the unfortunate client. And they can re-tell the resolution. Now, if they can re-tell how your company provided the solution, you’re telling the right kind of story in just the right way.

What’s your story?