Numerous studies emphasize how central analytics is to business strategy. The CFO Alliance’s 2016 sentiment study highlighted the role of Marketing execution and performance to company success. A top strategic factor to achieving growth depends on how well Marketing impacts customer engagement and enables the company to tap new markets. Both of these capabilities require solid data and analytics skills and the ability to transform analysis into business insights.

A study by Salesforce revealed that high performing organizations already place analytics at the core of its operations. With the amount of data available continuing to explode, every organization is struggling to make sense of it and onboard stronger analytics skills.

This has led to numerous conversations with our customers about adding analytics skills and talent to the Marketing team. Many have been lobbying for this position for a long time – without success and have come to us to help them prepare proposals that show the Return on Investment (ROI) and to craft job descriptions. Here are just some of the questions we have helped them answer and document, ultimately getting a “yes” from the C-Suite for this key role:

  • What is best practice for the function’s scope, role, and purpose?
  • What decisions will be made based on the analytics, and in what priority order?
  • What and where is the data that the new person will be accessing?
  • What is the data capture and management plan?
  • What are the specific customer or market insights needed?
  • How will the person’s contribution be measured?
  • Will they serve the team in a broader capacity e.g. marketing ops, performance management and reporting?

Adding this capability to your professional arsenal and team is a great win, and demonstrating how it will prove and improve the value of Marketing will create an even more important win. Contact us for help with building your analytics muscle.