This St. Patrick’s Day, don’t rely on luck to get results from your marketing efforts. Like most things, marketing can involve a bit of luck, but more than anything, successful marketing requires a proper data management plan. And with the continually growing number of data sources marketers have to deal with – lead forms, content pieces, social channels, tradeshows, etc.—data management is more crucial than ever.

Of course, data management is no easy task. With prospects submitting incomplete information on registration forms and with tens of millions of Americans switching jobs each year, marketing databases will inevitably become inaccurate or devoid of key details unless marketers stay on top of them.

However, this database maintenance is critical not only for your marketing efforts, but for the business as a whole. If you’re not reaching the right people, you’re not effectively marketing your product or service, resulting in your marketing efforts not meeting the goals of your company.

To avoid this dilemma, use these tried and true marketing data management strategies to ensure that you deliver the right information to the right targets and that your email campaigns, lead nurturing programs, whitepapers and sales follow-ups reach their full potential.

  • Assess: Understanding what issues exist within your database is the first step in staying ahead of them. Dirty data—or information that is soiled with incomplete, inaccurate or duplicate contacts—can wreak havoc on even your best sales and marketing efforts. So check out your data and see what needs updating.
  • Cleanse: According to research from TechTarget, the majority of buyers lie when asked about their specific buying plans and withhold personal information. This usually happens because buyers can’t be bothered to fill out long forms. As a result (and often unbeknownst to you), your database records can be considerably crocked. Don’t let dirty data cripple your efforts; find and eliminate the bad records…fast.
  • Enrich: Now that you’ve gotten rid of the bad data, it’s time to enrich your database with fresh contact information. Fill in missing details like company revenue, industry and employee count and you’ll get more options for segmenting and delivering targeted offers to the right people.

Follow these steps and we guarantee that your marketing results will have your competitors green with envy. To learn more about how to make your marketing database a pot o’ gold, check out Paddy the Prospector and follow his adventures on Twitter. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!