It is well known that one of the biggest challenges marketers face today is the problem of distilling massive quantities of data down to actionable insights. This “cup runneth over” problem of data can very easily create an obstacle to achieving the ultimate goal of analytics (and your reason for investing in analytics in the first place) – better decision making.

One key way that I’ve found to overcome this problem is to stop relying exclusively on “unnatural” ways of presenting complex data (spreadsheets) and start using more natural ones – location intelligence!

Using visual formats for presenting analytics that are “natural” to decision makers is an easy way to begin making the move toward data-driven decisions. Studies have shown that over two-thirds of all business data has a location component: an address, a site reference, a delivery acknowledgement, etc. Overlaying location-based data with other information is a simpler and more natural way to comprehend business data.

Check out these examples to see how I’ve used location intelligence in the past:

Heat map of customer activity – used to show areas of strength and opportunity:

Customer Activity Heat Map

Customer Activity Heat Map

Map of competitor’s sales personnel presence – used for improved sales planning and strategy:

Competitor Sales Mapping

Competitor's Sales Presence Mapping

Map of office locations and 50-mile radius circle – used to show overlapping prospects:

Office Location and Territory Mapping

Office Location Mapping

Map of targeted geographies based on prospects scored by a predictive model – used for campaign development:

Geographic Prospect Scoring Map

Geographic Prospect Scoring Map

Map of current customer locations versus prospect locations:

Customer and Prospect Location Mapping

Customer and Prospect Location Mapping

Moving beyond boring spreadsheets and charts is key to finding the real value of analytics – relevance on the deepest level possible in the simplest presentation possible. In today’s complex, global and mobile marketplace, making sound business decisions depends on getting insights in real-time. And, the companies that are ahead of the curve are the ones that win. Location intelligence helps get you there.