One low-cost marketing move that can attract a large audience is the use of magnetic signs, particularly for placement on vehicles. These types of signs have proven quite effective as they provide a versatile, affordable and mobile way to spread the word about your business, cause or message. They are highly visible to a wide range of people from fellow motorists trapped in traffic on the roads to pedestrians walking by, observing your moving or parked vehicle.

Reasons for the Popularity of Magnetic Signs

A marketing endeavour that can be carried out year-round for free after the initial one-time cost of the sign is paid for is a remarkable opportunity. It is the top reason why advertising using magnetic signs on vehicles makes sense. Here are some other great reasons to consider:

  • Preservation – Placing magnetic signs on vehicles has become a preferred method of mobile advertising in place of customised vehicle paint jobs and the attachment of vinyl lettering. These signs last a long time and are removable.
  • Creativity – With the variety of sizes available and many design options, you can customise a sign with ease. Translating your company logo or suitable colours and graphics is easy. You can display your company contact information, representative name, website address or really, anything that can be made into a sign.
  • Versatility – Magnetic signs can be used for a variety of products and services. Independent consultants for home-based business can advertise as can entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Candidates for public office can increase their visibility with these signs and special events can be advertised.

Buyer Beware

Magnetic signs ARE great advertising tools but you must keep a few things in mind to ensure that when you order one, you are truly informed. For instance, while these signs do adhere well to vehicles, high speeds can cause them to peel off in transit. Therefore, it is important to order a magnetic sign with rounded corners as they are less likely to peel off and only display it during easier city commutes when you are less likely to hit high speeds consistently.

Before you design your sign and choose a size, measure the area on your vehicle where you plan to display it. You want a flush fit against the vehicle’s body which cannot happen if the area has any grooves or contouring built into the body of the vehicle. In addition, you will want to remove the magnetic sign occasionally and wash it with mild detergent in addition to washing your vehicle to ensure a clean surface before reapplication. Storage in a clean, flat, dry area when not in use will also prolong the life of the sign.

You can stretch your advertising budget with ease through the purchase of magnetic signs for your personal or business vehicles. For a one-time investment, you and your business can reap the benefits of repeat exposure.

Chris Jenkinson writes for Sherwood Signs who offer a range of magnetic signs to promote your business.

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