There are a lot of great reasons to love direct mail marketing – not the least of which is the fact that it works! While relatively low, online promotional costs can make it tempting for businesses to focus their advertising budgets solely on digital platforms, this misguided strategy is one you’d do well to avoid.

Industry research continues to suggest that direct mail can generate a significant ROI when delivered to a well-targeted audience. Postcard-mailers in particular are a quick and measurable way to:

  • bring in more sales,
  • boost your revenue, and
  • establish your company’s market identity

They’re also ideal for adding proven value to an integrated marketing plan.

To know direct mail, is to love it. Here are some of our favorite direct mail benefits, and just a few of the many reasons why you’ll soon grow to love it as much as we do.

Direct Mail is Personal

Why waste time and money communicating with people who have no reason to be interested in what you’re selling? Direct mail provides a highly-targeted tool for tailoring your marketing campaign to a dedicated audience. Reaching out to current clients and qualified prospects with offers and information specific to their personal needs, is the best way for your business to get noticed, and provoke a favorable response.

Direct Mail is Measurable

Measuring the results of your direct mail campaign doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, this process can be as simple as engaging a service like call tracking to monitor the volume, and quality, of the responses received.

Whether it involves counting the number of:

  • coupons redeemed,
  • inquiries made, or
  • subscribers confirmed,

direct mail has proven itself as one of the most quantifiable of all advertising platforms.

Direct Mail is Tangible

The physical nature of print demands to be touched. And that endows it with great power when it comes to making an impact, and engaging the reader. In our technology-driven world, the daily mail stands out as familiar and reliable: factors that instill confidence in the recipient, and persuade them to act. In fact, consumers are significantly more likely to hit the delete button on an unopened email, than they are to toss that eye-catching postcard in the trash without reading it.

Direct Mail is Versatile

From colorful postcards to multi-panel brochures, direct mail lends itself to communicating any marketing message successfully. Multiple formats and styles make for endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your project. And working with the creative versatility offered by a direct mail consultant or full-service graphics team ensures that your well-designed direct mail postcard will draw readers in, and get them responding.

Direct Mail Provides Cost-effective Marketing Support

Reduced postage fees.

Reliable response rates.

The availability of affordable services that include everything you need to market your business with postcards…

Attractive elements like these are what drives direct mail’s well-earned reputation as a cost-effective advertising medium. Factor in features like a talent for supporting brand awareness and enhancing digital strategies, and it’s easy to see why you’ll soon fall in love with direct mail’s unique capacity to fill a much-needed promotional niche.