The first time is always nerve-racking. You’re unsure how long it will take, who you’ll do it with, or how it will change things. Advergames have undoubtedly gained significance in the digital marketing world—47% average market growth a year, actually—but you might still have your doubts. Just think about it: endorphins from competitive and playful nature. Your target wants something fun and casual. You’ll give it to them. And a special feeling tells you it will lead to more. The metrics say it, too.

According to Flurry Analytics (and a simple glance around the room), smartphone users aren’t big on utility. They spend 58% of their time on social media, games, and other means of entertainment. Consumers want this entertainment, not 140-character aggravation. According to the Entertainment Software Association, 42% of gamers say they play online games one or more hours per week. Acting on their watch is key. With advergames, they engage with a brand by their preferences: when and for how long. And fortunately, it’s for pretty darn long.

The average time spent in an advergame is 7 to 30 minutes. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only the kiddies. Over 70 million adults over the age of 25 are playing games. In fact, 25 to 44-year-olds are the biggest social game consumers. Our society’s love of games makes them an ideal component for many campaigns. They stick more than traditional ads and can easily go viral. If you’re, quite literally, late in the game, no worries. You have options.

The Programmers

Custom work from a programmer can take a serious hit to the budget, ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000. But if you have the money, the ends can certainly justify the means. Arkadium, a leading developer in the market, designs advergames from both scratch and current games. Their advergame Warriors for The History Channel earned the show fandom and Arkadium numerous awards. Plenty of interactive and digital agencies also have great teams of developers.

The Platforms

Get your feet wet with affordable DIY platforms. These platforms require zero coding knowledge, but a whole lot of vision, the toughest part for some. Adverway lets you customize your advergame for web, mobile, and social from the look down to the game mechanics. Create unlimited proposals and only pay once you launch it. In the user-friendly editor, a talented graphic designer can transform a template into an entirely tailored advergame.

No one strives to simply trim the clutter. We want to cut it. And we’re all fighting over the chainsaw, or at least on a mad hunt for the mightiest one. Maybe the answer lies not in between the sheets the most aggressive, but the most fun. So light the candles and pop the champagne. Let’s make an advergame.