Where to Look for Marketing Inspiration

So you’re concepting a new plan or promotional strategy, but you feel completely out of inspiration.

Maybe your agency has asked you what you like/don’t like/hope to see/want more of? Sometimes it helps to look outside of your brand, campaign–even industry altogether.

So where do you look to reinvigorate your ideas and shake up your senses? There’s a ton of things to keep in mind, as marketing is not a hard and fast science.

1. Marketing News Networks

If you search for any association or publication in marketing, you’ll find they often have a blog with relevant articles, or even an e-newsletter that you can subscribe to. The best part? Sites like these offer up sections, giving you instant access into what you what in the moment.

2. There’s an app for that, too

If email is no longer your thing, download an app for your favorite publisher. Set alerts on your favorite topics, or by the time you feel you’d like to be updated.

3. Blogs and Experts

It’s a world of entrepreneurs and self-made experts. You’ll find that with a few searches for hot topics of relevance, that you’ll land upon a few. If you find a blog or podcast you love, bookmark it. Save it in your inspiration folder to pop back into when needed! Another great way to find more? Through their network, recommendations or mentions.

4. Social Media

A quick search in Twitter or Facebook is sure to give you exactly what you may need. Even better? You’ll be suddenly open to an entire network of thought leaders, writers and otherwise explorers on the topic (and probably many others!) you were interested in.

5. Your colleagues and team

A quick collaboration can work wonders. Get your team together to talk things out and lay things out on the table. Sometimes, getting out of your own head finally gives you the ability to understand, make sense and gain new footing. Just ensure the meeting has some sort of direction by asking everyone invited to bring something to discuss or prepare a small list of thoughts. Throw in a little coffee and sugar–and go at it!

6. Industry News

It’s your industry, right? So you’re always reading all about it. But take the approach of a marketer or concepter next time you are. You’ll come up with ideas you didn’t even know that you had!

7. Past Projects

Sometimes, a glance at what you have done will tell you what you haven’t done. Keep an archive, whether it’s digital, a Pinterest board or printouts–of everything that is your brand. Then, you can thumb through (or scroll through) your visuals and past ideas for a true sense of what you’re next-best may be!

8. Your Inspiration Inbox

When you find an ad with a tagline you like, or a color palette that inspires you, save it! Toss it in a magazine file or folder–and pull it out as your secondary weapon, when you most need it!

9. Your Everyday

One of the most important thing we marketers tend to forget is that our best ideas come to us naturally, when we’re driving or doing something we enjoy. If your best ideas come to you when you run, go for a jog. But don’t forget, that sometimes your thoughts will wander–and that’s when the good stuff will come through!

So next time you need a quick dash of inspiration, with a little bit of preparation, you really will not need to go too far!