The English language is one of the most precise languages in the world. What we say is what we mean, right? Well almost. As precise as it is, it is still very capable of producing some questionable phrases when words that normally don’t go together, get together. For example: Why do we drive a car on a Parkway and park a car in a driveway? Or why does your nose run but your feet smell?

So when you read look back to 2011 to move forward in 2012 you may begin to wonder if it’s another mixed up phrase where the words shouldn’t be together. But when you are growing your business, looking back to move forward should always be together.

As we enter 2012, we may want to look back at all of the new contacts we made in 2011 and see where they are today as we close in on the start of 2012:

  • Since meeting that new prospect or referral source, has the relationship moved since you had that “great” lunch together?
  • Did the person I that met say they were going to call me so I waited for them to call me first?
  • Was I going to contact or follow up with someone but I didn’t?
  • Did I send out the information that a prospect/customer wanted?
  • Did I reply back to all those emails or voicemails that I said I would reply to the next day which turned into the next week which is now the next month? 
  • Did I ever introduce my customer to others in my company that I said I was going to do?
  • Did I ever thank the person that referred me a new business opportunity?

These are all small backward glances over your shoulder that could pay big dividends in developing new relationships or retaining current clients in 2012 and beyond.