Brick Marketing is a proud sponsor of the Boston SEO Meetup, a local Meetup event for SEO and SEM professionals, other marketing professionals and local business owners interested in learning more about SEO. We attend every month’s event and use the time to network, build our local brand, come up with new blog post topics and yes, even get links from the event! When I say that everything you do to promote your business, both online and off, can be leveraged for SEO, I mean it! Even local event marketing can help your SEO and link building.

Most of the business owners that attend the SEO Meetup aren’t looking to hire an SEO firm to handle their SEO or link building. If they are attending the Meetup it usually means they are looking to educate themselves to better handle their SEO in-house. (Personally, I think that kind of initiative is great, especially for business owners with new sites.) I don’t attend these events expecting to walk away with a dozen leads at the end of the night. I don’t even expect to walk away with one lead. But by sponsoring the event I’m allowed to bring promotional materials like pens, business cards and flyers to the Meetup. If I make sure they every attendee walks away with a Brick Marketing branded pen, I’ve created a touch point that may come in handy when they begin their own buying cycle if they ever do decide to hire an SEO firm. It helps me build my local brand and get my company in front of local business owners. Connecting with the local audience is the primary benefit of local event marketing.

But a secondary benefit of local event marketing, especially when the event has a website, is link building and long term SEO value. As one of the sponsors of the Boston SEO Meetup, my company is allowed to write as a guest author for the Boston SEO blog. Each blog post gives me the opportunity to target new keywords, both in the author biography and as anchor text in the post itself. Since this is such a trusted and established website, these inbound links are very valuable for my link building portfolio.

Let’s say you own a small restaurant and are looking to bolster your SEO and local marketing at the same time. Are there any charity events in your town that you could donate the food to? This gives you the opportunity to share your best dishes with the community (a great way to introduce your restaurant to the community and build buzz), earn some goodwill and get a few inbound links as well! Most charity organizations have their own websites, and your restaurant can get listed as the food sponsor with a link back.

Or you could partner up with other local businesses and create a whole new event where each brand leverages its unique assets for the betterment of everyone involved. For instance, your restaurant could pair with the local bridal boutique and salon to put on a bridal runway show. You can create a new page on your website for that event, then submit it to online event calendars, post a link to your Facebook page, write a promotional blog post, submit an online press release and so forth. That new page on your website gets links from a variety of sources, and your website benefits from the link juice.

Many site owners don’t realize that their offline marketing activities have SEO value as well. Don’t be afraid to get local with your SEO!