Fortune 500 Companies = lots and lots of resources.

What do you think of when you think of a Fortune 500 company? It’s hard not to immediately imagine great success and an enormous amount of money. And along with that money comes having a lot of resources available at the office. State-of –the-art buildings. New computers. Giant monitors. Fancy phones. Comfortable and stylish desk chairs. Coffee machines that offer five different types of coffee in under a minute.

That kind of money also means more employee resources to serve customers. If you have a business where customers frequently call in for appointments, help, or for more information, this is probably quite enviable. Imagine every phone call being picked up by a knowledgeable, professional person, satisfying each customer’s needs. No doubt the Fortune 500 Company has call centers staffed to do just that, 24/7. Amazing! No wonder they are so successful.

Your small business – not quite so many resources.

Of course, you probably cannot imagine this happening at your small business. You have a wonderful receptionist who helps customers face-to-face and over the phone, but when customers are in the shop, she doesn’t have time to answer the phone. Plus she takes those two-hour lunch breaks. You can’t man the phones – you would never get any of the work done that you need to do to move the business forward. Ellen in bookkeeping could help out, but despite her wizardry at math, she gets tongue-tied when she has to talk to people. And then there’s Barry, the computer guy. We all know he needs to stick with computers and not public speaking.

So it’s difficult to imagine your customers being serviced the way customers are at big, rich companies who enjoy such abundant resources. Even if you hired more people to answer your phones, you couldn’t possibly afford to pay them a salary and benefits and give them vacation time. Getting more help seems like a pipe dream.

You can be just like the big dogs

But with an answering service company, you can offer exactly the same service a Fortune 500 Company can with their fancy call center. Answering service companies will work with you and with your budget to determine the right services to meet your needs. And it’s not as expensive as you may think – the average cost to you, the business owner, is about $1 per call. Plus, you can take advantage of an IVR system and toll-free numbers to enhance your customers’ experience.

Improve customer experience

Being available is so important, especially in today’s competitive market. A live, polite, and charming person who can answer questions and satisfy your customer’s needs creates a positive customer experience, which in turn, creates repeat customers.

Create loyal customers

Not only do happy customers spend more money with you and remain loyal in the future, they also act as brand evangelists, singing your praises to their friends and family, posting about their wonderful experience on social media, and ultimately delivering more customers to your door.

Capture leads

In many ways, your answering service is capturing leads on a regular basis, just by existing. A courteous, knowledgeable person answering the phone every time means customers won’t turn to competitors. They keep coming back to you.

Find out more about answering services today

You can be just like the big companies, without hiring more people, paying more salaries, and building a bigger building. An answering service can offer your company the perfect solution to meeting customer’s needs and capturing leads. There’s no reason you can’t offer a top-notch customer experience every single time that phone rings. Do a little research on answering services and find out how you can grow your business today!