Due to the advances in AI, the way in which link building is done will change. The process can be augmented and automated to a certain extent, however, a manual touch will still be required. There are various link building tasks that take up a lot of time, yet are simple enough to be handled by machines. This includes locating sites where links can be placed and monitoring those links. However, AI will execute tasks that humans might not be capable of achieving via advanced pattern recognition.

The current state of link building

Link building used to be about spammy tactics such as link farms and link exchanges. However, Google has caught on to these practices and penalized the websites taking part. Currently, plenty of link builders are utilizing the power of guest posting in order to gain links on reputable websites.

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However, this has downsides, such as having to invest resources, time or money into content production. Also you have no power over how the webmaster is going to react to content submission – they might reject content you worked hard producing.

Relationship building nowadays is a common perquisite to getting the link. It makes sense that you’re likely to get something you want with a higher chance of success after building a relationship. Furthermore, relationship building is a great business habit you should be doing anyway.

The future of marketing

In the last 10 years, marketing has come a long way. Now all the buzz is surrounding social media and how influencer marketing generates the best value for the cost out there. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the future of marketing will look much different than it does today. The question is: how do you identify the marketing trends to take advantage of them before anybody else?

SEO is still a powerful way of marketing your brand, after all it is one of the highest ROI forms of marketing out there. Attracting “free” organic traffic for your website on a daily basis can be the difference between being profitable and going out of business.

For any business, a long term marketing strategy is much better than aiming for the short term, and content marketing is a no-brainer investment. It has the power to influence the way your leads view you as a brand and the products you sell. It’s also a way of attracting traffic on a regular basis. If you put out educational, entertaining or news-type content daily, then it gives people a reason to return to your brand on a daily basis.

One of the often-overlooked features of content marketing is the power to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. The potential customer will view you as knowledgeable about the products you’re offering. Therefore, they will trust you a lot more when it comes to making the pitch to sell them something. Moving into the future, it is imperative that your content marketing strategy includes as many platforms as possible.


Google was founded on the principles that backlinks shape the search engine results, and that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. However, the way in which we create backlinks for our business will change and AI will have a big role to play. In the next section you’ll learn the way methods are changing with regards to AI based link building.

Changing methods

AI has the power to execute a large number of simple tasks, which can follow a formula in a short period of time. With regards to linking building this provides a huge advantage, and eliminates a great deal of work for the marketer.

For example, when prospecting new sites, AI can help locate potential candidates. It will do this by taking into account the publishing frequency, last publish time and the user experience/design. The sites that are a great fit will be recorded onto a spreadsheet, and the marketer can manually investigate the websites.

AI can also identify the influencers and blogs that are worth pursuing for a link. Using software like Watson Analytics, industry terms can be searched in order to identify the influencers which have relevant audiences.

However, you don’t want any influencers on your list, only the ones with a good reputation. AI can help figure out the reputation of an influencer by looking at various metrics. A list will be created from which you can select the candidates that match the marketing requirements.

Future methods and actionable tips

Figuring out potential websites isn’t the hard part. Understanding which site will have the greatest impact on your websites rankings is the secret to success. After all, you’ll only have a limited number of resources so going after every websites is a mistake – you need to choose your battles wisely.

In the future, AI will have a better understanding of which link building candidates are going to provide the best SEO boost. AI will introduce a number of patterns to link builders that they weren’t even aware of. For example, when you are trying to rank for the keyword “jacket”, a DA of 40+ might be required. However, for “yellow jackets”, a DA of 20-30+ should be acceptable.


As we move forward, voice search will be a revolutionary technological breakthrough that all marketers will have to pay attention to. It’s the new frontier that will change the way people search for stuff and buy products. Marketers who choose to ignore this new frontier will be left behind by those not afraid of change.


The future of AI in the role of building backlinks and marketing in general is exciting as big changes are coming. It’s vital to be in the know and to take advantage of new techniques as soon as they are available. Being the first marketer to adapt a new technology successfully pushes you ahead of the competition.

To summarise, backlink building will become more automated and executed at a much bigger scale. However, manual intervention is still required to add the human touch. For instance, you may need to build a personal relationship in order to acquire a high-quality link.