Before I begin, I must confess that the inspiration for this blog came from Richard Feloni’s “14 Habits of Exceptionally Likable People“. After reading Richard’s article, I decided to try some of the habits he mentions for myself. As a marketer, I truly believe that if you can master the art of marketing yourself, then you can sell anything to anyone. So I spend most of my yesterday, testing this theory.

As mentioned in Richard’s article, likable people are more attractive and that’s why other people will go out of their way to help them. So I decided to be likable! I spend most of my day, talking to every single person that I came across. I was complimentary, conversational, approachable and pleasant to be around. I smiled at everyone- at the gym, in the mall, on my drive home and at the local coffee shop. My positive attitude could have been detected from space, or so I believed. Yet even though I expected a positive response in return, I still wasn’t prepared for what I received. People were nice and I mean really nice, every single person. It completely shocked me.

People were not only drawn to me but some were curious about who I was and what I did. They didn’t see me as someone with a boring life, I looked exciting and I looked happy, they genuinely wanted to know more about me. This gave me an opportunity to tell them a little bit about myself and about my company, K Marketing Solutions. It didn’t come across as a pitch because it wasn’t. I had worked on myself as brand and on my presentation by radiating positive energy and that is what drew attention.

As a marketer, sometimes it’s easy to forget that part of selling our services is by projecting ourselves in the best light. In essence that is what marketing is- creating a better experience for those using your product and/or service. This also applies to small business owners, since most of them do their own marketing. People are more likely to recommend you if they like you as a person. So whether you’re a marketer or a small business owner, follow the same branding guidelines. Be the kind of brand that people gravitate towards and you’ll never be short of clients.