Having a Lifeless Marketing Campaign- Give your Lead Generation a Soul with these Blogging Tips

B2B lead generation makes use of a variety of traditional and new media platforms to collate as much industry-related leads as possible. But nothing generates more B2B leads than a good old fashioned company blog.

Blogs are still effective means by which B2B companies can communicate their brand to their audience. In fact, HubSpot says in its study that around 92% of companies generate customers via their company blogs. This only proves that blogging has yet to lose its appeal among businesses of different sizes that want to dominate their respective markets. Blogging makes it possible to acquire new clientele, thereby fattening up your sales pipeline.

It is in this respect that many businesses call blogging as the soul of their marketing operations. Revenue growth will not be possible if one continues to rely absolutely on traditional methods for lead generation.

If you haven’t set up a blogging platform yet, you might suffer from poor ROI and sales performance later on. Prevent yourself from falling into marketing abyss by updating your social platforms and following these tips for a better lead generation.

Write sparingly and clearly. First off, engaging blog content is characterized by crisp language. The main message should be clearly stated in as few words as possible without deviating from the gist of the article. Also, there should be a simple choice of words as decision makers prioritize urgency. In other words, they are more attracted to well-structured information that is instantly hits the mark. Save the academic and technical jargon for case studies and research reports.

Provide visual relief. It has been revealed that visuals are very effective in stimulating audience interest in both B2C and B2B industries. Let’s face it, react more to pictures, which also serve to offset articles with heavy texts. In this case, post a regular series of infographics that are friendly to the eyes and complete in the needed information.

Stick to a Schedule. Posting articles and content by intervals shows that you are active and provides decision makers a steady stream of information. This is complemented by an effective lead nurturing program that tracks prospect behavior within your sites.

Be proficient.  Blogging takes patience and a certain amount of expertise in order to produce the right B2B leads for your pipeline. You might consider partnering up with a B2B lead generation firm with multi-channel marketing capabilities.

This post originally appeared at Smart Business Marketing Blog