65 percent of employed Americans are sports fans; meaning sports are an important part of your workforce’s lives. Take this common interest into consideration when developing employee engagement programs!

With the Cubs and Indians battling it out on the infield, the start of the NBA’s regular season, and Tom Brady dominating the field every week, we know there’s a lot of sports excitement at the office. Employees are becoming chattier and occasionally, less focused, but if you leverage the power of sports, you can keep your employees productive, on task, and even more engaged.

How To Use Sports to Improve Employee Engagement:

1. Set Up Viewing Areas During Big Games And Events

  • Organizing viewing times will take the stress out of employees missing big games and events allowing them to focus on the tasks at hand when at their desk. This will also make them less likely to use the NCAA’s “Boss Button,” the ultimate productivity killer (and yes we know about it).
  • Bringing employees together who share common interests in sports will help increase employee morale, and improve company culture. Employees feel more supported by their employer when their passions and interests are validated.

2. Play the Game You Love

  • It’s easy to be the Monday morning quarterback, but can your employees walk the walk? Many cities and towns have corporate sports leagues that give employees the chance to compete against other businesses, meet employees from their company and get some exercise. Make it easy for your employees to sign up by promoting the league and walking them through the registration process.

3. Wear Your Favorite Jersey To Work Day

  • Give employees the opportunity to express themselves, and show support for their favorite teams will help unite cohorts of employees who support the same team, and maybe even foster lively conversation between rivals.

4. Throw an Out of Office Viewing Party

  • Another great way to connect employees is to take the party out of the office. Happy hours, lunches, and retreats give employees the chance to get to know their colleagues better and create a community for them at work. This can not only help increase engagement, but help decrease employee turnover.

How does your organization leverage the power of sports to engage your workforce?