In a recent article on titled “3 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing”, the number one suggestion was “Know your analytics”. It went on to state that there are 4 different items to consider: “Traffic or reads, Social Shares, Lead Generation or Email Subscribers, and Sales.”

You can utilize your online newsroom to simplify and automate these items.

First of all, you should be able to track any content sent out via email. You should be able to see who, when, where, and what time your content was opened. With this data you then know who needs more information and what type of information they are interested in.

Secondly, any content posted on your online newsroom should have an option to share immediately to any social media channel. A best in class example of this is This should subsequently grow your “shares” that can then be tracked.

Thirdly, all online newsrooms should have a feature allowing journalists to subscribe to your email blasts. This is one of the most important pieces to track because it let’s you know how many people are interested in your product or what you have to say.

Lastly is sales. Many times a sale is not made on the first view of your content marketing efforts. It may take many “touches” to breakthrough and finally provide something that is tangible, relevant and to ensure the buyer is in the market. Developing this relationship with a potential customer can ultimately result in a direct sale and impact your bottom line.

Basically “content marketing” is the official buzzword of today and your business or organization needs to be rolling it out on a regular basis. It is what journalists crave most and how they do their job which in turn brings customers to your website and leads them to purchase your product or service. Online newsrooms help to automate and simply this task. For guided tour of how companies big and small are using their online newsrooms, simply click here.