With so much emphasis on online marketing these days — whether that’s PPC, content marketing or SEO — many forms of offline marketing have fallen by the wayside. Letterbox drops (known as direct marketing or door drop distribution in some areas) remains one of the most effective ways for a small business to advertise despite its seemingly basic nature.

In one way, the move to online marketing has cleared the way for smaller companies to make use of letterbox drops more effectively. As LDN notes, as bigger businesses turn inboxes for their marketing it leaves letterboxes free from clutter, and flyers or other materials posted through here will get more attention.

With e-mail marketing, more people now have sophisticated spam filters or are getting so tired of marketing messages that they delete promotional e-mails without even opening them. With physical post, someone is more likely to at least look at the advertisement and if it’s particularly eye-catching or well-designed they may take the time to read it properly.

While a homeowner may not need your services at exactly the time you post your flyer, that doesn’t mean they won’t need it in the future. Whether your company helps people get in physical shape, get their finances in order or improve their garden, there may come a time when your services do come in handy. Building brand recognition by letting them know about your company early on, and of the services you provide, can be vital when they make a decision of who to use.

Letterbox drops may not be as versatile as some other forms of marketing, but if your goal is to build your brand in a certain area there’s no better way to target a location. Unlike magazine ads that may not be read, e-mails that go to dead addresses and or TV spots in the middle of the night, you can be sure that your message is getting through to the right people.

Response rates vary depending on the contents of your delivery. Basic information sources often get only a 1-2% response, while coupons and vouchers can get up to 50%. Often the more effort your put into a letterbox drop, the more you get out of it.