Ben Higgins. Does this name cause you to roll your eyes, smile with glee, or are you like me and go “who”? Ben Higgins is THE Bachelor on ABC’s series The Bachelor, now in its 20th season.

I’ve followed the Bachelor and Bachelorette here and there, but there’s something to be said on the obsessiveness people develop in root for their favorite contestants. And there’s an important lesson for marketers from the hit TV show: first impressions really do matter.

The Power of the First Impression

The first episode of each season is the pivotal moment of the series. Fans are created or lost based on the limo entrances of each contestant. Did they try too hard? Were they too boring? Did they come off as fake? Were they on the show for the wrong reasons? In a snap second, we form opinions that last the entire season.

Take a minute and think about your marketing. When people come to your website are they wowed, or bored? Are you getting across your value proposition in a clear and concise way?

For many marketers, the website is not the first interaction with prospects – their content is. People are drawn towards content, though many content pieces fail to impress. After all, how many 30-page white papers can one person read?

Instead, confident marketers are choosing interactive content to capture the attention of their prospects and give them more snackable content that creates a value exchange. Quizzes, assessments, calculators, surveys, brackets, and more allow marketers to customize follow-ups based on what the prospect says. You know, like an actual conversation! Maybe that’s something the Bachelor and Bachelorette could have more of ;)

Marketing First Impressions Are a Team Effort

Marketing is definitely not a solo sport. Even if you are a team of just one, you rely on other parts of your web and IT team, sales team, and business development to present and deliver a message.

Within a bigger marketing department, the team is even more diverse – supported by the number of team members you have, your marketing automation capabilities, and even what role each person plays specifically.

To make a good first impression and start building that positive relationship, marketers needs to know where they stand in terms of style, goals (future and present), strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities.