Do you have a Lead Magnet on your Website?
A lead magnet is anything that a marketer offers a prospective customer in exchange for getting that person’s email address / information. If you’re reading this blog,  you probably filled out one of my lead magnets from the “The Proposal Template that Converts 80%” to “The Top 11 Tools every Agency needs to know about.” So why did you opt-in to my lead magnet?  My lead magnets offer a specific desired result for a specific market.

What is your lead magnet

The best lead magnets are small chunks of valuable information that solves a specific problem for a specific market with a specific result.  Lead magnets give the visitor a chance to raise their hand and tell you that they are a prospect and that it’s ok to market to them.

So what could a lead magnet look like for your company?

  • How to video on getting more traffic to your prospect’s website.
  • Small audit of your prospect’s website.
  • White paper that is targeted to your audience, and gives them insight on what they need to do to market in the future.

Whichever lead magnet that you choose to use, make sure it is targeted and solves a specific problem.