cleaning leads, commercial cleaning leadsSo your company is into commercial cleaning services and you’ve decided to outsource for leads because you’re not big enough to generate them within your own business. No doubt you’ve already heard the basics such as a decent qualification process, a large contact database, and a good business communication strategy. Another thing you need to watch out for though is their capacity to consider your demands.

First off, it’s an additional given that lead generators should give great consideration when contacting potential clients (be they through phone, email, social media, direct mail etc). However, you should also make sure that they extend the exact same treatment towards you.

It’s only logical. How can you expect them to be considerate of the needs of who they’re contacting if they’re not considerate of yours? That’s why when you’re searching for a good company to outsource, you need to find a company that puts you and everyone else ahead of themselves when it comes to generating leads.

No doubt you are not the only company with preferences and definitions about what a qualified lead is. You’ll also have other preferences regarding methods. If you’re doing lead generation in Australia, Canada, or any other country with strong laws on business communication, you need to make sure your outsourced company uses methods that are in compliance with that.

All in all, their attention must go both ways. Theirs is an industry that’s all about making connections and both ways is exactly how those connections should go. Make sure you enlist the services of a company that cares both about you and your clients.