Take advantage of these strategize to humanize influencer marketing for your brand

influencer_marketing_strategy_planning.jpgWe recently wrote about how we’re working to make influencer marketing more human, part of that process is evangelizing our message to all who will listen. Luckily, top digital marketing site, Search Engine Watch, asked us to share some strategies that could work to humanize influencer marketing with their readers. We definitely recommend you take a look at those strategies here. But we wanted to take the opportunity to explain how we help marketers with each of those steps when we run a managed service campaign at SEEN.

Do it for the right reasons

The first strategy we talk about in the post is making sure that your intentions for running an influencer marketing program are right. Too often, we see brands run programs where they’re trying to achieve the wrong results. We can help guide your strategy and point you toward realistic deliverables. This prep work will ensure that you’re focusing on the right goals that can bring the right results for your program.

Define the correct influencer personas

Establishing the proper influencer personas for a program is a spot where we commonly see marketers skimp on time and resources. They might have a general idea of who they want to reach and will let this vague demographic target be the only guide for their influencer recruitment. But if they fail to dive deeper into the persona development that’s necessary for effective recruitment and execution, recruitment will be difficult. This is where we spend the majority of our time– in the persona development and matchmaking stages. This hard work will pay dividends later. We ensure that you spend the time establishing an ideal brand match.

Consider micro-influencers

We often help educate marketers about the value of micro-influencers. These people have smaller followings but may fit a perfect brand match niche.Their endorsement can pack an even bigger punch as the likelihood of a personal connection with their followers is higher. Because they aren’t the big names that pop up in Instagram’s discovery curation, or blog posts for the “Top 10 Fitness Influencers,” they can be harder to find. We spend time discovering micro-influencers specifically for your brand. By focusing more closely on posting style and audience, and not just the audience size, we increase the pool of candidates for perfect brand match.

Know how to recruit influencers

Even with all the right prep work, recruiting influencers to participate in your campaign is still the trickiest piece of any campaign. Influencers get tons of brand pitches every single day. It can be hard to cut through the noise. We have lots of experience with influencer recruitment and well-established relationships with many influencers. We can leverage our name recognition and dedicate the time and energy to recruiting your ideal influencer.

Trust the influencer to tell your story

When we work with brands, we place a big emphasis on brand education and properly preparing influencers to tell your story. But a major pitfall of these campaigns can be dictating content, which produces those spammy posts you’ve seen. We help brands develop the right guidelines and then give the influencers the creative freedom to share in a way that will resonate authentically with their audiences. SEEN has a process for ensuring that all of your brand education and campaign guidelines are all in the same place, plus we audit each post to ensure that your influencers are following the rules.

Use proper disclosure

The FTC has been stepping up its enforcement of the influencer marketing space, keeping a closer eye on social promotions. We’ve written about the importance (and the consequences of this) several times.

This is why we spend so much time educating both the influencers with proper disclosures on Snapfluence and the brands with our FTC guidelines. Because we audit every post made by an influencer during the campaign, we can ensure that your campaign is in the clear.

Cultivate a relationship

During and after the campaign, it’s important to build and maintain a relationship with the influencers. Engaging a partner like SEEN means that you can immediately leverage our established relationships with influencers. We’re constantly working to deepen and expand those relationships through Snapfluence.

We know what it takes to make influencer marketing more human, and at Search Engine Watch, you can see the strategies necessary to make this happen. Get in touch with The SEEN Team to get help executing these strategies for your brand.