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SMS Marketing is not for everyone. Even if you say that all members of your niche market have mobile phones (which of course, they do), there are certain aspects about mobile phones that makes them ineffective for lead generation marketing, in particular finding new business sales leads. For situations where an SMS would not be appropriate, telemarketing should be utilized. What is it about SMS marketing and what products or services can only be promoted using this method?

First of all, how close are you with your mobile phone? If you are a businessman or entrepreneur, then you most probably have two mobile phones with you all the time: one for business and one for personal use. You carry these everywhere with you so that you can be reached whenever there is an emergency at home or at work. The close proximity that you maintain with your mobile devices is the reason why it would be a prime target for marketing and promotions. This is also the reason why it’s not an effective marketing channel. Not a lot of people want to receive marketing on their personal phones. Even an established brand would raise eyebrows if it suddenly sent SMS marketing to a lot of people. It’s called a personal phone for a reason, and people, business-oriented or otherwise, only share their numbers to individuals they trust. If you want to get new sales leads for your company or business, SMS is NOT the way to go. Even business leads get irritated by unsolicited marketing on their business mobile phones.

When can you use mobile marketing?

SMS marketing should only be used for existing customers. This method is most effective if you want to advertise that you’re offering a 30% off on your products or services. However, as with any marketing method, it is best if you send relevant offers such as these to well-targeted recipients. For example, a working mother of three would certainly appreciate receiving an offer of free home deliveries from her local grocer, but would find it annoying to get text messages about online business marketing promotions.

One more thing about using mobile marketing for your products and services is that you should have an approval to actually send these messages. If you have no prior approval, no matter how targeted your offers are, they will be viewed as an invasion of privacy and can cause legal action against you. No matter how long you have been doing business with your business or sales leads, you must still ask for an explicit approval from each of them before you send any marketing texts to their mobile phones.

If you want to find new business and sales leads for your company, telemarketing is the best method to use. As long as your telemarketing company follows the rules set down by telecommunication regulatory bodies and adhere to the Do Not Call lists, you can use cold calling to find new business for your company. Additionally, telemarketing is a more effective channel for generating business to business leads for your company. Telemarketing calls to business phone numbers, the ones that companies place on their websites for all to see, are the calls that are better received by corporate executives and managers.