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Keys To Being A Successful Affiliate Marketer In This Day And Age

Keys To Being A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Do you know what the difference between being successful today is compared to being successful 10 years ago? If you said competition, then you are right. The reason competition makes being successful today a little bit harder is because there is always somebody competing with you no matter what niche you are in or where you are promoting your affiliate products.

Now, as a successful affiliate marketer myself I know what it takes to be successful and that is what I want to share with you today. Not only am I going to share with you the keys to being successful, I am going to give you a look into what I do and why it works.

Keys To Being A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Use Different Platforms

As an affiliate marketer you can’t just promote products from a website, you need to utilize the many platforms that are available to you. Some of the different platforms that I use and you should to are; Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube and my own website. If you want to be successful, the it is a must to use every platform that you can to promote your affiliate links.

Something that I highly recommend is that you don’t just use one platform for a certain product and another platform for something else, you need to test out which platform will work best for each product. If you can do this, then making sales will come a lot easier for you. Just remember that with affiliate marketing, everything needs to be split tested in order to get the best conversions.

Email Marketing

This actually is a different platform but the reason I left this separately is because email marketing is a whole different can of worms. Most people think that email marketing is very simple and it is, except for the fact of collecting emails. One thing that you need to understand is that you don’t just find an email address and then send an email, you need to make sure that person is interested in what you have to say.

The problem that most people have with email marketing is not that they don’t have a huge subscriber list, it is that they don’t have an interested list. When I say interested list I am talking about people who want to hear what you have to say. Trust me, if you want to make money with email marketing, then you need to get people to sign up for your email list by offering something related to what you are going to promote.

Tip: Even if you have 10 people in your email list, that is better than nothing and you should still sent emails every so often. Something that I would do is send out an email just to see how people are doing without promoting a product and the reason you do this is just to build some trust. I know this sounds a little backwards but the truth is that you need to be trusted in order to make sales.

Continued Education

One thing I know about affiliate marketing is that everything changes all the time and because of this you need to keep on learning. If you are a stock broker, real estate agent, insurance agent or a personal banker you are forced to go through continued education and it is so that you know everything about your industry. It is because of this that I believe that affiliate marketer should practice continued education so that they know everything about their industry as they possibly can.


Something that a lot of people totally forget about is the entire planning stage of affiliate marketing. Something that you need to understand is that you have to plan on what you are going to do and why. The reason I say this is because having a plan is the only way you are going to succeed. Think about it, if you are making money online right now, then you must have had at least a general plan in your head before you got started, right?

Never Quit

I should not have to tell you this but I will anyway, you can NEVER QUIT. The reason why I say you can never quit is because you can’t become successful if you don’t put all your time and effort into something. Trust me on this one, anybody will tell you that in order to be successful as an affiliate marketer you must keep trying and never give up.

As you can see, being a successful affiliate marketer will take some work but if you follow the keys to being successful, then you should have no problem. Just know that in order to be successful you will need to put in a good amount of work upfront.