Just like a good fitness routine doesn’t focus on one body part, a good marketing and customer service strategy takes a well-balanced approach.

When you go to the gym, you don’t just work on building your biceps. Well, maybe you do, but it’s not the best strategy to achieve total fitness.

No, a good fitness routine needs a well-balanced approach to the entire body.

In the same way, a company’s marketing and customer service need a well-balanced approach to reach customers and clients at all possible touch points.

Mobile seems to be eclipsing even social media as the latest marketing and customer service trend. And why not? Everyone is doing just about everything with a smartphone these days.However, putting all of a company’s strength behind mobile strategies doesn’t necessarily make customers “app-y.” Instead, brands must show the flexibility and agility to move from mobile to online to call centers and to physical stores without missing a beat.

An “all-over” approach

A pest control company is seeing great results from a program that incorporates a variety of customer touch points. After a customer books an appointment, the system sends that customer an email with a photo of the technician scheduled to make the service call.

“(Customers) will open the email while they’re still on the phone, and it really familiarizes things very quickly,” Kevin Kordek, president and CEO of A-Active Termite and Pest Control, said in the article. “It takes away that uncomfortable feeling of “Who’s going to be showing up at my home?’”

Did you catch that? They check the email “while they’re still on the phone.” These new customer-service options have not replaced the telephone. They simply have enhanced the customers’ overall experience after they call.

To keep your marketing and customer service in tip-top shape, you need a holistic approach: print, TV and radio ads; a great website; social media; mobile and the telephone. Even with all of the modern, technological approaches, surveys show many customers still prefer to start with a phone call.

On-Hold Messages Get Results

Strategic on-hold messages ensure that phone call delivers results, even when you have to hit the “Hold” button. Marketing on hold helps a business:

  • Keep callers engaged until someone returns to the line
  • Promote the latest products and service offerings
  • Reinforce your branding efforts on other platforms
  • Upsell additional products and services to existing customers