Ho Ho Ho! It’s still 80 degrees out, and the last thing you’re probably thinking about is your holiday marketing strategy. According to Google, mobile search queries more than double during the holiday season, If you’re not planning now, you could miss huge sales opportunities or find yourself scrambling to get ready. Like that last minute shopper, you may find that all the best stuff is already gone. Here are some proven tips to make sure you have a happy holiday sales season.

Offer your existing customers something special
If you have a good customer list, reward them for their loyalty. Personalize your communications to your best customers, create special offers and discounts, provide custom services like like gift wrapping and concierge services to make them feel special.

Promote great offers
If you’re a retailer don’t skimp on what may be your busiest season. Marketing is an investment not an expense, but only if you make it count. Deep discounts and special offers, clearance specials and even daily deals can drive impulse purchases. If this isn’t your season, you can still offer value services that can spur additional sales. Be creative in how you position yourself and stand apart from your competitors.

Create compelling ads and landing pages
Entertain customers with good ads. Drive them to landing pages that engage and convert to sales. Set goals, like Facebook likes, reposts and coupon downloads. Make sure your messaging is short, focused and on point. You’re not the only business advertising, so now is not the time to go kitchen sink with your messaging. Keep its simple.

Optimize for mobile
Everyone is reading emails and looking at ads on mobile devices. Make sure you consider responsive design that optimizes your landing pages for different devices. If you’ve ever looked at a bad website on an iPhone you know your patience is stretched thin. How responsive do you think a prospective customer might be?

Social media can increase your reach
Sponsored (paid) Facebook posts that support your your holiday offers will reach significantly more people in social media than Facebook ads, and have better response rates. You can run sponsored Linkedin and Twitter posts to increase interest as well. These get liked, shared and read. Post info on specific products and services that drive to coupons, offers and discounts that convert sales. This will increase success of your online and offline marketing.

Use direct mail and email to support your online ad efforts
Don’t limit your efforts to just digital. Cross-channel Pay-Per Click in search, Social, Display and Mobile is crucial, but don’t discount mail, email and traditional marketing channels. The more media you use, the better your chance of reaching the right customers at the right time.

Target and retarget to reach the right customers
Running online ads, sending emails and sponsoring Facebook posts all works to drive engagement. Retargeting or serving ads to people after they visit your landing page drives results. Did you know that you can retarget ads to people on Facebook as well as display? Or that you can retarget with Facebook posts? Or use retargeting in your email campaigns? This will serve ads to hyper qualified customers on several different channels and platforms.

Still not sure how to make sense of it all? Clickit Digital’s online ad platform runs across premium search, social media, display, mobile and video channels, and Clickit’s team of certified experts handles all the details. Contact us for details on how to get started.