Oh no they wont.  This has got to the biggest myth that business owners are still struggling to overcome and it’s causing my migraine after migraine with new clients who truly don’t understand the web.

Recently I received an email from a client and it went something like this:

“My websites been live for around a month and I’m not getting any traffic, what have you done?”

My answer to the email was that we’d done nothing as despite all of our best efforts she’d not allocated a budget of any kind to traffic generating and was, in her own words, going to do it herself because it couldn’t be that hard.

Let’s face it, building websites is the EASIEST part of actually becoming successful online the hard part is actually making those websites generate traffic.  Now a website won’t traffic on it’s own.

Sure 10 years ago you could strategically place a few keywords, rank in the top 10 of Google and life was good.  But those days are well and truly gone.  If you don’t believe my head over to Google and starting reading the horror stories of sites making millions and then overnight losing their website traffic due to Google removing them from the index.

So the old-age of “Build It And They Will Come” is just that, old thinking.  Or as my dad would say it’s ‘stinking thinking’.  It could cause you to lose out completely on the investment you made on your website.

Whenever I talk with a website client I always ask them two questions:

What is your budget to build your website?

What is your budget to generate traffic to your website?

Generally all website owners have an answer to the first question but most don’t have a resemblance of any sort to the second question.  They fumble through it with most saying “I didn’t know I needed a budget.”

Let’s put this in really simple terms.  You can pay an advertising firm to create you a KILLER TV Commercial but if that commercial is never placed in prime time advertising positions no-one will ever see it and as a result your results would be non-existent.

To really succeed online you MUST and I say MUST have a budget for traffic generation because the blind faith of believing “building it and they will come” is just that, blind faith.

Businesses, either online or offline can’t succeed on blind faith.