You are likely to start hearing a whole lot more about intent based marketing if you haven’t already.

As technology has evolved, marketers and brands have gained access to more and more data about their audiences. Cookies, website analytics, social media profiles and more all help you to have a much more complete understanding of who your audience is, what they like, what they want and what they need.

Not only does this information help you understand your customers better but it also helps you predict their future behavior. With that information, you can create ads and other marketing tactics that will get better results. You will increase your sales to meet your goals.

Here are a few other ways that intent based marketing can help your company:

Create Personalized Ads and Content

Most companies design a marketing campaign around a profile that they have compiled about their target consumer.

The trouble is that customers can vary significantly even when they are members of the same group. The more specific companies can make their demographic profile, the more successful they will be.

You can’t get more specific than the individual. Intent based strategies use individual data to reach specific customers. You can use that information to create personalized ads and content.

For example, retargeted ads can show customers products that they have already looked at on your site. The ads will show up on other sites they are visiting or even on social media.

You can also use that information to create more personalized content. You won’t be able to write blog posts for every individual that visits your site, but you can mine the data to find interests or needs that you haven’t written about yet. You’ll be able to better serve the needs and interests of your overall audience in this way.

Increase Engagement

People have become desensitized to advertising and marketing to a large degree because it is so ubiquitous. They have trained themselves to ignore it.

It’s easier for your audience to ignore your ads and marketing if you are creating with a general demographic in mind. Your ads take on a more generic feeling. However, if you use the data to create personalized ads and marketing, your audience will sit up and take notice.

Your audience will be more likely to engage with your brand, including following you on social media, commenting on your blog posts, or sharing your content. That engagement will encourage customer loyalty and will help you reach more of your audience.

Minimize the “Stalker” Feel

One problem with retargeting is that some customers can feel like they are being stalked because of it.

Many don’t like that “Big Brother” is watching what they do and showing them ads for the products they have looked at again and again.

By shifting your focus to overall marketing instead of just retargeted ads, you can minimize that “stalker” feeling. You’ll be able to more subtly show them the products and services that interest them rather than making it obvious that you are tracking them to make a sale.

Your strategy will be much more effective as a result.

Save Time and Money

Traditional marketing strategies require an awful lot of trial and error.

You use research and data to develop the strategy, but you really don’t know how effective it will be until you put it in action. You end up wasting a lot of time and money on failed strategies while you try to figure out what works.

Even if you land on a winning strategy, it’s time will be limited. Your target audience may change, their interests or needs may change, or their online behavior may change, all requiring you to change your marketing strategies.

By using intent based marketing strategies, you save time and money. You are using data for your current audience and looking at what they want and need right now. You take a lot of the guesswork out of what you are doing so that you can get results faster and without spending as much money.

Develop New Products

Intent driven data is predictive, not just descriptive.

That means that it tells you what your customers are likely to do, as well as what they are likely to want or need in the future.

You can use that data to develop your next product or service, ensuring that you are ready with what your audience needs when they need it. You will gain an edge on your competitors, and you will minimize any disruption in your sales as your customer base shifts. You’ll set your brand up for long-term success.

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