Marketing MascotAs a successful business owner, you have a high likelihood of being involved with events or even hosting events. At the same time, you are continuing to hone your online marketing strategy regularly. With all of the energy that you put into each one, there must be a way to combine the two for even more punch.

Leveraging your events with your marketing strategy

If you haven’t taken your successful events and turned them into marketing content, it is time to think about doing that as soon as possible. The interesting thing is that your content has tremendous potential to when it comes to bringing your business to the next level. In fact, you will most likely acquire some new audience members because they will have attended your events and the experience was probably memorable to them. They will be able to relate to the event and to the content. Don’t be surprised if those people eventually become loyal fans at the very least and loyal clients at the very most. It is very important that you think of your events as an integral part of your overall online marketing strategy. Of course, it is also essential that you recognize the events as an extremely important content source. The big question is how do you convert your events into marketing content?

Combining live and written content

It is extremely important that you understand what tremendous opportunities you have in front of you regarding the events. Events are wonderful opportunities to interact in a big way with your in-person relationships but, at the same time, taking the opportunity to share valuable ideas with those people. It is right in front of you. Make sure to take advantage of it the best way that you possibly can. You should start by featuring your events as a part of your marketing content. You should place the information about your content in a prominent place so that it will be seen easily and quickly by the people who are reading your content. People love getting their hands on valuable content. The more, the better. Also, people love to think that they are the first to know something. It makes them feel special.

Reach out before the event

If at all possible, make sure to interact with people whom you believe will be attending your event online first. It sets a very valuable precedent and it will really do wonders for your relationship with that person. It is also an excellent idea to interact with those people after the event has taken place. This will deepen your relationship as well. There are many different types of content that you can create after your event has taken place, such as blogs, social media articles, contests, tweets, and press releases. While at your event, you should also make sure to feature your marketing content. You can do this by displaying a live feed in a place where it will be seen easily, include event information in your website (including links), and make an event announcement on your online event calendar so that people will be aware of it and make sure to attend if they can.

Keep up the momentum

It is very important to keep up the communication about the events and how they connect with your overall marketing strategy. If other people were interested enough to attend the event, they will most likely be interested enough to discuss the event before and after it actually takes place. You may be surprised at how many people are willing to participate in the discussion. If you make your event and the conversation surrounding that event compelling enough, people will remember the event and if it sticks in their memories, they will be interested in repeating the experience. It is also an excellent idea to encourage people to leave comments or questions on your event calendar about the event.

Send an Email

People love to be reminded of your event (provided that they are interested in attending the event anyway). If you sent them an Email to that effect, they will definitely open that Email. Of course, it goes without saying that if they are not interested in attending the event, your Email may not be important to them. There is another group of people who may be on the fence and if you give them more information, they may decide to get involved with your event.


You have a great deal of valuable information at your fingertips that you may not even realize is valuable. Taking your events and leveraging them as part of your online marketing content strategy is brilliant. You need to do everything to use it to the best of your ability. It is important to make sure that you tell the story of the event as part of your marketing strategy. You must always have a story. You may be surprised at how much value your events have, including opportunities to create new networking opportunities and opportunities to step up the level of the quality of the marketing content.

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