We get people asking all the time – “What should I be doing to market my insurance agency better?”

And THAT is a great question.

There’s, of course, the minimum – and you’ve probably got them:

  • Website
  • Traditional media
  • Membership to your local rotary.

Because that’s what every viable agency has.

But I’m sure that the folks that are asking me this question are asking because they want to be engaging in their marketplaces, appealing to their target client and expand their presence, and are looking to recruit top talent in their areas. If you are one of these agencies… here are some marketing basics for YOU to know. These are not what your industry/competitors are necessarily doing, rather what the marketplace is expecting of an insurance agency today. Below are some insurance marketing basics you can use now!


(with a landing page for each department/service/campaign that you run)

Holding a URL space just for clients to be able to get your phone number and address or where they can get a quote or turn in a claim is a great place to get started. But, if you really want to define your place in your niche and/or geographic market, be PRESENT. Give your clients and prospects a REASON to visit your site and stay there for a while


We get SO much resistance when we talk about blogging with insurance agencies And I can’t for the life of me figure out why! If you want to give your clients good and relevant information about who you are, what you do, and why they should care about insurance – WRITE ABOUT IT! If time is the issue – hire someone to write it for you, and post it for you, and monitor it for you. The dividends from this investment are invaluable. Not to mention an integral part of a content strategy if you are trying to ‘rank on Google’.

Social Media – but doing it SOCIALLY


Everybody who’s anybody needs a LinkedIn page for business. Communicate your strengths and talents and expand your network with a nice, professional profile. And your agency should have a company LinkedIn page where you (or someone in your office) posts or reposts relative, industry specific articles.


Your agency should also have a Company Facebook Profile that gives pertinent information about the agency, but also shows your personality. You should post and repost industry information, but share your blog here, share your community activities here, and share what goes on around your office here. Post pictures of employees and their accomplishments. Share stories of client satisfaction. Give tips on how to handle local risk issues. Let Facebook be the smile and the handshake on the face of your business online!


It’s a new digital world where 140 characters can say so much! Use your company twitter account to give tips and direct your audience to your blog.


This one is a little more difficult, but not out of your reach! Create a channel (and start small) of clips and videos, informative shorts and other mobile media. You don’t have to “broadcast” your channel to be effective but you can use it to house the information that you share in your blogs and other social media posts.

Network Marketing

So much emphasis is put on social media networking today, that we oftentimes overlook the old school network. Yes, the days of mailers and postcards may be coming to an end as far as effectiveness goes. But our industry is a relationship based one and always will be. Get out in your community and get involved and make personal connections. This will only enhance your online presence as all those people you personally connect with go and look you up online.

Don’t overload your staff or yourself with lots of direct mailers, elaborate videos, and pricey marketing tactics. Most of the items (outside of a well-designed website) are free. Your marketing strategy really takes your commitment and follow-up to make your returns worthwhile.

The “Next Level”

As mentioned above, the way to really win in today’s marketing landscape is a diverse marketing mix. Even if you are “doing marketing”, are you doing it the right way or are you just guessing?

If you answered ‘just guessing’ you are in the majority and when you are trying to attract new customers and delight your current ones, who wants to be in the majority? Planning and executing your inbound campaign correctly helps you stand out from your competition.

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