If your entire ad strategy on Instagram is simply posting a quick photo or video in your feed you are missing out. Also, boosting your content via the Promote button without much thought not only leaves money on the table, but you’re actively giving it away.

Getting viewers to take action on your content on any social media platform means that you must not only use that platform’s unique features to your advantage but also ensure that your content stands out against the competition. Otherwise, you’ll be just another victim to our short attention span.

The next time you want to promote your latest campaign on Instagram, keep these tips in mind to make sure you get the best conversion your ad dollars can buy.

1. Make sure you’re using Stories

Ads in your typical Instagram feed can get some great results. However, if you really want to capture attention right away Stories is the place to be.

Why are Stories so important?

Not only are they the first thing users see when they open up their Instagram app, but they also disappear in 24 hours. This means that users are far more likely to be checking their Stories every day often multiple times to get the most recent updates. It’s their version of the daily news, and that’s where you want to be.

But just being there isn’t enough! You’ll need some great-looking graphics to stop them in their tracks and keep them engaged.

For this, you can check out apps like StoryBoost, which not only give you amazing templates specifically made for small businesses and influencers like you but also has transition elements and unique stickers. This helps you create a whole experience instead of one static post.

2. Place your call-to-action everywhere

When someone comes across your ad in their feed, they are doing one of several things. Take a look at the photo(s) and/or video(s) in the post while reading the prominent call-to-action (CTA) link that Instagram overlays on ads, reading the caption, or clicking through to your profile to see more of what you have to offer.

If you want to guarantee the maximum conversions, you’ll need to include your CTA in all of these locations. Specifically, within the image or video itself, the default ad banner, the caption, and in your bio. This will ensure that no matter where your audience chooses to go, they’ll always be able to take action.

For more information on how you can place CTAs all over your Instagram marketing endeavors, check out this guide on Business 2 Community.

3. Maximize your use of relevant hashtags

Ever wondered why so many Instagram accounts include a whole cloud of hashtags in their captions every time they post? It’s because of one simple fact. Hashtags are the absolute best way to reach a wider audience on Instagram. Just take a look at how popular social media scheduling tool Buffer uses it them in their posts.

Just think about it. Not only are hashtags searchable for both posts and Stories, but users can also allow the following hashtags. In other words, these posts appear in their feed and Stories the same way posts would from those they follow.

Hashtags aren’t just great for regular posts, they’re great for ads too. The hashtags you use in your ads will give Instagram a better idea of what your post is about. When a hashtag is particularly popular, your post won’t necessarily be seen by everyone who follows it. Instead, it will use a combination with ads that almost guarantees a boost straight to the top of the selection pile.

Just make sure to do your hashtag research beforehand, so you have a batch ready to go when needed.

4. Don’t forget to stay active and engaged

This tactic is so obvious that it actually gets overlooked too many times.

Instagram loves when you spend ad dollars on their platform, but you know what else they love? Engagement.

Instagram knows the more engaged their users are, the more likely they will be to stick around each visit and the greater the likelihood they’ll return multiple times a day. That’s the lifeblood of every social media platform.

The more folks engage with your account organically, without being prompted by advertising, the more relevant Instagram will assume you are. In turn, the platform will show your content, including your ads to a wider range of users.

So even if you’re mostly using ads to build your audience and drive traffic to your content or site, it’s still important to actively engage on Instagram regularly. At a minimum, ensure that you respond to comments on posts and direct messages you’ve received (particularly if you have a business account). Otherwise, be an active part of the community and you will be rewarded accordingly.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you are in favor of click-throughs or lean towards conversions, there are few better ways to get it than with Instagram ads. With access to millions of users worldwide, Facebook’s robust advertising network and an audience are often and genuinely interested in receiving advertising content from brands they like, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more suitable platform.

However, simply boosting a few posts and going about your day won’t do the trick. To ensure this process works you really want to make sure every dollar you spend gets you the maximum benefit, but it requires lots of work. But rest assured that as long as you stay true to the platform, and use the tools available to make your content stand out you’ll definitely see results.