Digital Media

Is it possible to disconnect from all the information I receive on a daily basis?
Should I be disconnected?
How did we get to this point that being connected is a necessary requirement?
Am I more productive than I used to be?
Do I have the right focus?

I believe my current state is information overload. Every day, I wake up and read more and more. More messages, more articles, more texts. I am inundated with information about almost every aspect of my work, life, family and beliefs.

What does all of this mean?

First off this isn’t some unique experience for me, it is affecting everyone. Just watch your kids. They spend more time on their smartphones then they do on TV. Imagine not being able to be connected to the internet for a day… Would there be some pain?

Where are all of spending our time? My guess is that some part of you is connected. It could be your computer, iTunes, texting, FitBit. What would you give up first? Your TV or your computer?

What does this mean for business?

It is time that my company start looking harder and longer at becoming a media company if I am going to compete in this world today. I need to build a better experience for our clients. It needs to include some type of media that will connect with people to bring them in and keep them.

Time is becoming the new asset along with money. We are literally competing for people’s time. Would you want to be in the video rental business competing against Netflix online streaming? Will Amazon be our competition. Look at how easy it is to search, place orders and receive goods and services.

Where is my audience with respect to this new culture? Are my clients making the transition over to digital? How fast is that happening? Am I taking steps to really simplify tasks to maximize customer’s time in a more effective manner?

Some areas I am looking at:
• Building a new interactive website (mobile responsive)
• Looking for ways to use text-messaging.
• Finding the best way to use video
• Attracting clients that are keeping up with technology
• Continuous planning and improvements.
• Strong contingency plans for power shutdowns or internet disruptions.

The future is here and it is changing right before our eyes. It is time to make some serious changes now or be left behind in the not-too-distant future.