Reach More Customers in 2016 with Influencer Marketing

What if your brand or business could generate a bigger buzz this year?

Would that interest you?

An influencer marketing strategy is nothing new, but has only recently been more widely included in business marketing budgets. In 2012 Nielsen reported that ninety-two percent of consumers made purchases based on recommendations above other forms of advertising. And according to a study by Tomoson, influencer marketing is growing faster than organic search, paid search, email, ect.


A customer recommendation and purchase based on trust is a low-cost marketing method that has a high rate of return. Because of this businesses cannot afford to ignore this important strategy, especially with big social media players like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sprout Social revealed that over half of purchases are made because of social influence, and Facebook is drawing in one-forth of all referral traffic according to a Shareaholic report:


Here are four ways influencer marketing will drive more sales for businesses in 2016:

Relevant Content

As consumers have changed the way purchases are made through inquires and conversations on social media brands can connect with high level influencers through content that relates to their industry. By focusing on just a few main industry leaders and communicating with them on their blog and social networks businesses will be able to draw more attention to their articles. People are searching for specific answers to their questions and quality content will attract a larger, and high-quality community.

Multiple Social Media Channels

Depending on your industry it will be more important than ever to be active and involved in the main social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, ect. Onalytica points out that some platforms are more beneficial to a brand than others depending on the number of active users and weighted influence:


Continue to Engage Online

A personal connection is still important in today’s social media driven world, and businesses should be focusing on interacting with a select group of blogs, social networks, online and offline events, live streaming and chat sessions, ect. in order to build strong relationships with the leaders in their industry. Narrow down your list to the key players rather than spreading yourself too thin and reaching out to a large group, which can make the process of connecting with individuals or brands much harder than it needs to be.

Align Your Business With Influencers

Customers will make a purchase based on a recommendation and trusted source. As your business builds relationships with leaders in your industry there is a growing trend of brands coming together to help promote an idea, product or service. This can be especially beneficial if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner. A mention from just one influencer can greatly boost your reach and sales potential.

Influencer marketing in the coming year will be based largely on building authentic relationships, quality content, and a focused strategy. As companies come together and support each other they can more effectively reach a savvy lead who has moved well beyond traditional advertising methods.