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As Instagram and YouTube Influencer Marketing becomes more prolific and widely used, so too does the necessity of safety.

At Grapevine, we’re committed to ensuring both brands and influencers can team up to create engaging content that is of the highest quality. This means working diligently behind the scenes to make sure content doesn’t run afoul of the rules.

To that end we’ve made two important updates to our Influencer Marketing Platform that’ll make following the rules seamless and easy for our creators and brand partners so they can spend 100% of their effort and energy on creating amazing content.

Two updates we’ve made that you can read more about below:

    • We’ve enhanced our FTC Compliance Screener
    • We’ve increased the eligibility requirement for Instagram accounts from 5,000 followers to 10,000.

Enhanced FTC Compliance Screener

Enhanced FTC Compliance Screener

When we created our platform in 2014, we invested in tools to determine if creators had met the minimum disclosure requirements to keep brands in the clear while still providing a great experience to fans. When creators submitted their content we gave it a thumbs up so it could go live for millions to see as long as it met the baseline FTC requirements.

We’ve always known that proper disclosure is essential to the long-term of success of influencer marketing programs. Scaling without proper marketing disclosures isn’t really scaling at all.

But what happens a month after that sponsored content is live? What about six months, or four years later? Are you and your team keeping track of that content? How many still have their proper disclosures?

The power of Influencer Marketing is that content doesn’t have an expiration date. This means that not only does content have to comply with FTC standards at the time it’s published, but also in perpetuity.

That’s where our newly enhanced FTC screener comes in. Beginning today, our software will run daily scans on your content and flag anything that doesn’t meet our disclosure compliance standards.

FTC Compliance Screener

Automatic notifications on FTC Compliance

On top of scanning your content daily, our team will take active measures to resolve compliance issues as they arise. This includes a system generated email and even direct outreach from our team as a follow up. Furthermore, influencers who do not resolve non-compliant content will not be eligible to apply to new campaigns on Grapevine until they resolved any outstanding issues.

When you work with the Grapevine Influencer Marketing platform, you’re not just getting our network and workflow tools, you’re getting peace of mind and protection to run scalable marketing campaigns that stand the test of time.

For Brands: Beta customers will have access to this feature beginning today, and all of our customers will be receiving this beginning February 12th.

For Creators: Let the Grapevine team know if you have any questions about FTC Compliance Issues and we’ll work with you to make sure your content stays online!

Increased Instagram Follower Count for Eligibility

Quality goes hand in hand with brand safety. When we first launched integration for Instagram Influencers, we set the eligibility bar to 5,000 followers. After testing and feedback from the community, we’ve decided to increase that bar to 10,000 followers. Not only should this increase the quality of proposals brands receive from influencers, but it will also build a stronger, and more robust community for our creators.

Those who are already above 10k followers shouldn’t see any changes to their experience. Those under 5K should be seeing the following:

instagram influencer note

Definitely let us know if you have any feedback. We’re confident that with these changes, brands and creators alike will have a strong 2018.