Some of the biggest breakout stars in social media and influencer marketing, technically don’t even have a voice. So what is it about Barbie and our furry friends that make them so successful? What can we learn from them?

1. Relatability is Key. Keep it Light or be Serious, Just be Authentic.

Now we all may not be able to relate to Barbie’s jet set life but it’s hard to be mad at her. I’m rooting for Barbie as she maintains her position as a strong and independent iconic woman transcending into the modern day of social media and promoting positive body image and diversity, evolving the brand. Following her on her adventures, hiking with friends and collaborating with some of the biggest fashion brands at New York Fashion Week. WWD caught up with Barbie on her new found social media stardom. “A core group within the Barbie design team saw an opportunity to show a beautiful, curated, behind-the-scenes look inside Barbie’s world,” Duncan said. “Barbie has always been a reflection of culture, and @BarbieStyle showcases her as an icon traveling the world, showing up in culturally relevant places and spaces.” Go Barbie!



But seriously…social media is a way of expression, it tells a story. Humans of New York is so powerful in that way. It’s serious stuff, but very compelling. Using Instagram to bring to the life of stories of so many people that we would never would have heard about otherwise, how pure is that. Authentic and honest.


2. Being Cute Never Hurts.

Writing this post made me curious as to why some of my favorite people follow dogs and plastic toys on Instagram. I reached out to Loni Edwards, Co-Founder at The Dog Agency and asked her opinion: “Pet influencers have all the benefits of traditional influencer marketing, with the bonus of having higher engagement, a higher likelihood of content going viral as well as garnering an innate positive reaction from the viewer. All brands can benefit from partnering with pet influencers as pet content is engaging across every age and gender and a fit for all business verticals.”


Digiday recently did a story on the rise of pets in the influencer space. “With the American Pet Products Association projecting that spending on pets would surpass the $60 billion mark in 2016, this trend is only expected to grow. It’s also not hard to see why brands are hiring pet influencers, given their universal appeal, versatility, affordability and uncontroversial nature compared to human influencers. “ …and they’re cute. In fact, 75% of the Tap100 are pet owners and have created sponsored content in relation to their pets. We’ve also partnered with BlogPaws, a social media company dedicated to pets and their people – there isn’t any shortage of influencers who love their pets!

We all may not be as ridiculously cute as a golden retriever puppy, but you can … it’s all about tapping into the human emotion and eliciting emotion from your audience. Make us feel warm and cozy. It’s Fall season so a great opportunity to make us all want to be snuggled up to that fireplace, fuzzy blanket with our pumpkin spice lattes…or hot toddy, whichever you prefer.

3. Imagery is Powerful. Inspiration is Key.

My personal favorite Instagram feed is CabinLove, as I’m quickly checking social media from the privacy of my work bathroom stall I sometimes forget where I am (not a bad thing!). Beautiful photos really capture the essence of these beautiful locations and I immediately start thinking of where to go next on my road trip.


Some of the most successful food and design blogs earned their trusted following by beautiful photos. Photos are inspiring not in the “let’s post an inspirational quote” but wow this is what the results of their hard work in the kitchen produced. Pinterest is so wildly successful for this reason, people love good photos.

So what did we learn from Barbie and our furry friends?

  1. Be Relatable
  2. Be Authentic
  3. Take us on a journey, have fun or be serious, but tell a story
  4. Imagery is Powerful