Brand development can serve as one of the most useful assets in your arsenal of marketing tools. Building your brand can prove difficult, however, when you go at it alone. Consider tapping into the influencer marketing pool to boost your brand and gain access to a larger audience.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Take a look at the number of people who follow you on Facebook, subscribe to your blog, or visit your website. Do you want to see those numbers increase? Consider bringing an influencer into your corner.

Influencer marketing allows you to partner with a professional who will create user-generated content . In other words, the influencer will post about your business, brand, products, or service, but in his or her unique voice.

This strategy allows you to harness the influencer’s built-in audience, but without creating your own content. When the influencer’s audience reads or views content about your brand, you might gain a new customer. At worst, however, you’ve spread the word about your business.

Add a Dose of Authenticity to Your Brand

Today’s consumers are particularly sensitive to brand messaging. They’re so used to commercials and radio spots that they don’t believe half of what they hear.

That’s why smart brands turn to influencer marketing. Instead of relying on your own brand messaging and voice, you let a well-known person broadcast your message for you.

In short, influencer marketing adds authenticity to your brand. The influencer shows that he or she has used your product or service and will supply his or her honest opinion.

No marketing speak — just honest-to-goodness communication.

Influencer marketing

It just doesn’t work this way anymore.

Build Trust With Your Target Audience

Building on authenticity, an influencer marketing campaign can also help establish trust between you and your audience. Instead of spouting off a list of glowing adjectives about your product or service, you’re letting real people voice their opinions about your brand.

According to one survey, only 22 percent of brands have earned their customers’ trust. That’s a staggeringly low percentage. Worse, nearly half of millennials weigh authenticity more heavily than content when making purchasing decisions.

Trust has become a form of currency in online marketing. Use it to your advantage.

Lower Your Marketing Costs While Increasing Visibility

Influencer marketing isn’t as expensive as you might think. At one point, brands had to hire A-list celebrities to earn visibility for their products and services. Today, you can choose from thousands of online influencers who have built stable audiences around small niches.

Furthermore, influencer marketing lowers your overall marketing costs because each initiative has multiple uses. For instance, if your influencer is active on more than one social media platform, he or she can share content related to your brand on each.

Additionally, you can repurpose influencer-generated content for your blog, newsletters, emails, or other personal uses. Influencer comments make excellent testimonials, for instance.

Find New Customers

Your brand only exists among the people who have heard of it. You can have the strongest brand message in the world, but if you’ve only reached three people, you’re facing a bankruptcy in your near future.

Businesses often have trouble creating tremendous fan bases because they’re ultimately consumed with one purpose: selling. Influencers, on the other hand, have made an art out of creating devoted audiences with their content, commentary, and voice.

John Smith in Piedmont, North Carolina, might have never heard of your brand. But if John Smith follows Mary Sunshine on Instagram, and you partner with Mary as an influencer, you’ve just reached a new potential customer.

John Smith might never have found your blog, Facebook feed, or other online presences. Influencer marketing lets you tap into someone else’s following to build your own.

If you’re hoping to grow your brand, influencer marketing can provide the best of all worlds. Still not convinced? Download our case study. Learn how other brands have successfully increased their ROI by 11 times using influencer marketing.