I get asked this question a lot: “Why influencer marketing?”

I usually respond with a follow-up question: “Why the hell not influencer marketing?”

Let’s Cut to the Chase:

Conventional digital marketing no longer works. It just doesn’t. Influencer marketing, however, does. It has been proven to cure ‘ad fatigue’ more than any other marketing channel to date. It’s a bold claim, but TapInfluence has the ammunition to stand behind it:

  • 66 percent of customers report being overwhelmed by too many online marketing messages
  • 20 percent of consumers would boycott a brand because of excessive ads

Influencers Deliver Authenticity.

Unlike traditional ad campaigns, influencer marketing delivers authenticity.

Think about it this way: are you more likely to try a product that your friend (someone you know and trust) recommends, or the product in the ad that follows (more like stalks) you around the internet? Unless you like being followed by a faceless brand, I think we’re on the same page here.

Consumers seek authentic voices they know and trust. Not faceless sales executives and shiny logos who continuously use the same archaic bag of tricks.

Influencers Don’t Play Games.

Influencers fare well with their audience because they don’t play games. Their authenticity is appreciated, embraced, and highly effective.

  • 64 percent of influencers say their audiences respect that they provide valuable topics in which they are in interested
  • 59 percent of influencers state their audience enjoys how they interact, listen, and respond to them online

Time and again, consumers show that they’re hungry for niche-specific content and influencers instantly inject authenticity into a marketing campaign with relevant content that speaks directly to their audience. This content is viewed as organic, engaging, and click-worthy.

Marketers, Take Note

If you want to connect with your audience, it’s time to hand over the reigns and invite influencers in. They’re well-respected and already have a following that trusts them more than exhausted marketing tactics.

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