From society hacking to body hacking to biohacking to growth hacking, “hacking” old methods to refurbish and reinvent new, creative solutions, is all the rage.

Growth hacking is traditional marketing with a twist. Primarily reserved for start-ups due to their need for rapid growth, low cost, and innovative strategies, growth hackers are seeking new ways forward. Without meaningful growth and customer reach, startups are dead in the water before they have a chance to get off the ground. For this reason growth hacking techniques, when executed with perfection, prove wildly successful for startups: paid acquisition or paid ads, call centers and sales teams, content marketing such as blog posts and infographics, e-mail marketing, SEO, A/B testing, and viral acquisition leveraging built-in product features.

Sound familiar? Are you using some of these same “growth hacking” techniques in your own marketing strategy? You should be! Growth hacking gets its name due to the fact that these methods are employed in a particular manner keeping in mind the nature of a startup; extreme uncertainty, poised for astronomical growth, limited resources and brand recognition.

Enter the Influencer Marketer. Yesterday’s celebrity, YouTube icon, or blogging diva, the influencer marketer is today’s startup Superhero Growth Hacker. Startups, designed for rapid growth, are well matched with influencer marketers who are in a position to share a new brand’s product or message with hundreds of thousands to millions with the click of a button.   They are not your friend, they are not a customer vouching for your product, and they are certainly not your salesperson. An influencer marketing campaign is a well thought out, strategic campaign designed to set your brand apart by leveraging the perfect social media superstar match.

Indeed, the influencer marketer is perhaps the most creative, innovative, unique and highly tailored marketing strategy to date, and the ideal growth hacking strategy for any startup. Campaigns can range from small scale to full-scale hands on launches.