Digital marketing is a very important tool for businesses.   However, small business owners have a tough time growing their businesses using online procedures.   Although the process may seem challenging, there are a few simple strategies that any small business owner can use.

The Goal

Gaining more customers is the easiest way to increase success.   To grow the business, a solid goal will be needed.   Digital marketing methods are highly recommended, but a carefully designed strategy is required.

Marketing Funnel

Businesses that are successful have an efficient marketing funnel.   Understanding the marketing funnel design is important.   It involves mapping out the customer’s path to the website.   As some point, a potential customer was a lead; a successful business owner must gain this data.   The marketing funnel data must be used to design strategies to encourage customers to travel through the funnel.   A marketing funnel has various pieces, such as a call-to-action, lead magnets, offers, and opt-ins pages.   A great marketing funnel typically has four parts.

Awareness is one part of the funnel.   Customers must know about the product or service.   Although customers are strangers, they always visit a store for a reason.   Business owners must design the main page efficiently.   It should display something that a customer may want.   To handle this task, use a call-to-action or a lead magnet.   Either technique should be used to give the customer a helpful resource in exchange for contact information.   Most stores commonly ask for a phone number or an email address.  Direct mailing lists are also recommended.

Interest in another part of the funnel.   Most customers show interest in specific products or services.   If a customer provides a phone number or email address, the next step involves providing more information.   However, this particular information should be tailored based on the customer’s specific needs.

Desire is the next part of the funnel.   After a customer shows interest in the product or service, the next step involves scheduling a consultation.   At this point, provide information that shows a customer why the product or service can solve a common problem.

Action is the final part of the funnel.   This part of the funnel is used to make a customer spend money.   At this point, the customer has a lot of valuable information, and the customer knows the benefits of buying the product or service.   The final step involves discussing the price of the product or service and basic payment procedures.

An efficient marketing funnel, however, will not generate more leads, but it will generate more repeat buyers .   If a customer enjoyed the shopping experience, the customer might return to buy another product.   In some cases, the customer may also recommend the store to friends and family.

How To Design A Call-To-Action

A call-to-action uses text to get customers to take action.   An image can also be used.   Most business owners ask customers to sign up for a newsletter.   A call-to-action should direct potential customers to landing pages.   From these pages, the customer must provide contact information in exchange for a great business offer.

How To Design A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet can be used two ways.   It can be used alone or with a call-to-action.   The lead magnet should provide something valuable.   The purpose of a lead magnet is to trade information.   For example, offer a free download if the customer fills out a form.   This information should be used to interact with customers as they move through the funnel.

How To Drive Traffic

A marketing funnel will not be effective if the website does not have traffic.   There are several ways to get traffic.   Most businesses use SEO and various social media methods.