The faster that you can collect your survey responses, the more ROI that you can pack into your time. Here are a few techniques that will help to improve your efficiency in generating survey responses.

Write meaningful questions that are ruthless and straightforward.

The faster that your survey can be done, the more responses you will get. The more straightforward that you are, the less paper you have to waste to get the answers that you need out of your survey respondents.

Consider every question that you ask an imposition on the goodwill of your customers. You are taking their time without giving them any value in return. Consequently, you need to be as interesting and as brief as possible. Always look for ways to be more blunt, more forward and more brief.

Forget the “best practices” of sending emails or doing surveys.

By the time that the latest inside tip makes it way to you, that inside tip has likely become the norm. The second that something becomes the norm, it will cease to work as a strategy. Make sure that you are looking at the habits and the needs of your customer base as an individual base. It is different from any other customer base of any other company, so respect it as such!

Target your surveys; forget the wide net strategy.

This is an especially important tip to consider if you are partnered with a professional email service that makes you pay for each email that it sends out for you. In the same way that you target the rest of your marketing strategy, you must target your surveys as well. You only need the responses of people who are most likely to purchase your products anyway, so why waste time on people who are not looking to buy from you anyway? Make sure that you consider Pareto’s Rule: 80% of your money is made from 20% of your audience. Find this 20% and focus on them.

Limit the choice of answers that you give your customers.

Do not try to emotionally manipulate your customers by putting only positive answers on your multiple choice responses. However, you should limit your choices so that your audience does not get confused. Make sure that none of your answers basically say the same thing.

Use your survey program as part of a larger marketing program.

If you are haphazardly sending out surveys, you will not get any answers that help your overall marketing. Create a campaign that sends out surveys at a specific time in a directed manner.

Follow up with the people who give you their time.

The most successful surveys occur over time. What this means is that you will get answers from your respondents over many successive surveys, so be nice to them. They should receive a thank you for taking their time with you. Do not let this thank you look or feel fake, because your customers will feel ignored.

Make sure that you listen to the results that you get.

If you ask the relevant, poignant questions that you should ask from the first tip, then you are likely to get some data that you can really use, but only if you take the time to mark and monitor the trends. This will not only help your marketing in the present, but it will also help you create better questions for future surveys.

Incorporating all of the above techniques may be more than you can take on in house. Getting faster responses is usually a task that is best left to professionals so that you can focus on the day to day business of running your company. If you are looking for improved efficiency in your survey process, you can call on the dedicated experts at Pollfish to get the job done. Give us a call or visit our website today. We are waiting to help you improve your marketing; all that we really need is your permission!