Transparency UnderwaterIf you are an established business, you already know about the balancing act involved in customer acquisition. If you are just starting your business, there is a very important lesson that you must learn very quickly. When the cost of customer acquisition exceeds your ability to turn those customers into buyers, your business will likely fail. So, how do you design a marketing strategy that will balance the cost of acquisition with customer value to create profits for our business? The answer lies in designing customer acquisition practices with more transparency. Let’s explore some ideas about how your business can become more transparent:

Talk About What You Do Best

Don’t try to be all things to all people. Remember you are trying to build know, like, and trust. If you are an SEO consultant, talk about optimizing for search engines, after all, that’s what you know best. You will have a much better chance of building your company’s brand if you talk about the things you know and do well. One of the major aspects of being transparent is letting people know who you really are. A good confidence booster is the ability to refer customers to your colleagues who are experts in other areas.

It Is The Customer Who Should Be In Charge

You would probably be surprised to find out how difficult it is to subscribe to a newsletter on some business websites. Subscribing to a mailing list should be the easiest thing a visitor can do on your website. The sign-up page form should be on every page, the instructions should be clear, and the required information should be simple. Your goal should not be to trap people into receiving material they do not want. If you are to have any degree of success in your customer acquisition program, it must be permission-based.

Understand That Yours Is Not The Only Opinion

If any part of your advertising or customer acquisition budget involves social media, you must be open to the ideas and comments of others. If you decide to only think about your own ideas or opinions on a subject, you had better consider the implications. This kind of openness can build respect for your company and it certainly improves your transparency.

Always Be Open And Honest

There is nothing worse than to be accused of lying when you have neglected to include something others thought was important. If there are upcoming changes in your business that will affect your customers, tell them about the changes immediately. Are you familiar with the trouble Facebook encountered when it made changes affecting user rights and didn’t tell the users about it? You do not want to be put on the defensive just because you forgot something.

Transparency is all about taking the responsibility of being open, honest, and accountable seriously. If you are trying to disguise things or trick customers into buying products or services, you are truly wasting your time.

An effective marketing strategy that includes lead generation programs with transparency will help your business establish and nurture quality customer relationships.