Every marketer has a decision to make prior to beginning a fresh campaign, should you go down the inbound or outbound path. Every product is different and requires a unique approach when dealing with its marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is more focused on attracting a potential customer to your brand. Outbound marketing is more focused on interrupting the customer with your message.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing has been around for ages and average everyday people have interacted with it many times. Usually associated with annoyances like telemarketers or spam emails, outbound marketing is meant to disrupt your day and interrupt whatever you’re doing and take your focus away. The ROI (Return on Investment) is usually low. Just think how many spam emails you deleted without even opening them or how many promotional direct mailings you received and threw in the trash unopened. Don’t just disregard outbound as an option though,  it may work for some but not for everyone.

Inbound Marketing

This method is more prevalent in the digital marketing industry. It usually incorporates content marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and blogs. Your primary focus is to attract people to your message not interrupt them in their tracks. Make them find you, not the other way around. Customers will stumble upon your content in their research process and be drawn to your site. However, grabbing their attention is only step one, once they are interested you need to convert their interest into a sale. If you are successful they will not only be a one-time customer but hopefully a repeat customer. Your goal is to make them a brand evangelist and refer other people to your site.


Both of these methods have advantages and disadvantages, it solely depends on the message you want to get across. Also take into account the different personalities of your customers and how they interpret information. Some interpret better through print or TV, while others prefer search engines and blogs. It is your job as a marketer to find that balance that will produce the best overall results for your brand. Both the concepts of attraction and interruption are daily occurrences in our lives. Pay attention, you will be surprised how we are constantly being surrounded by marketing.