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Inbound Marketing is an amazing concept.  Business owners had only dreamed of a world where the customer would come to them.  No more time wasted on cold calls, no more money wasted on direct mailers, no more hoping for those orders to magically land on their desk.  That dream has become a reality with Inbound.  One may think, “But how do I know Inbound is right for my business?”  Well you need to meet two specific qualifications.  The first is that you must have a business that runs on the sale of some sort of product or service.  The second is that you are the type of person that likes to see their business make more sales.  If you meet these qualifications, than Inbound will work for you.

I know what you’re thinking, “Wait a minute…every business would meet those qualifications.”  That’s right, because Inbound can work for everyone.  Inbound has no niche, Inbound has no qualifications, and Inbound does not discriminate.  It is an option for every business and every business should be using it.  It is The Marketing Strategy of the future; it uses the newest technology to reach out to your target audience.  SEO and calls to action are the most important tools in marketing today.  If you use SEO and calls to action correctly, than you will see amazing results.  I’ll explain…

We live in a world in which people generally call on Google to solve many of their problems.  In fact, there are 91,000,000 Google searches every day.  It is the research tool of the future.  In the past, consumers would have to open a phone book to find a number of someone that could help them with their questions…now they simply use Google.  When consumers needed to purchase a product, they would have to shop all day driving store to store to find the best price and the best product …now they use Google.  We have become an extremely fast moving society in which instant gratification reigns.  We don’t have the time to spend on flipping through a phone book or spending a day shopping and comparing prices.  We want a way to solve any problem we may be facing quickly and easily.  Google and other search engines are the tools of the future to solve all of our problems.

This is why Inbound is so important and why SEO is the most important marketing tool today.  If Google is the way to reach your target audience, you NEED to keep your SEO in check and up to date at all times.  Ensure that you are keeping up with your competition, ensure that you come up in search engines for the terms you want to be found for, research your target audience to see what they would type into a search engine, etc.  By doing this, you will make it easier for your customer to find you and be there to address their concerns.

Whenever you wanted to reach your target audience you always had to reach out to them, right?  Well now it is completely different.  The customer comes to you, but the question is… “Will you be there when they come looking?”

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