Inbound Marketing FunnelWhen getting started with Inbound Marketing, it’s tempting to try to jumpstart your efforts by communicating every product, service and special offer your firm has. Fight the temptation! In Inbound Marketing, the funnel is your friend. Made up of top, middle and bottom of the funnel offers on a limited number of topics, the funnel is designed to keep your efforts focused and allow you to work prospects through to the sale.

For those considering taking the leap into Inbound Marketing, and for those that could use a refresher, here’s a quick recap of the goals and desired audience for each of the funnel’s stages:

  • Top of the funnel offers (TOFU) – According to our friends at HubSpot, top of the funnel offers are the most important Inbound Marketing tactics because they’re like a building’s foundation, without the foundation everything else collapses. Top of the funnel offers are strictly educational and are meant to do nothing more than drive visits to your website. Some top of the funnel offers include blog articles, social media and simple downloadable content like tips sheets or videos.
  • Middle of the funnel offers (MOFU) – While still educational in nature, these offers are directed at prospects and leads that are aware of your products and services and want to learn more. This is where you can start touting your expertise in the topic. Content offers may include white papers, case studies, presentations or other meatier content.
  • Bottom of the funnel offers (BOFU) – Bottom of the funnel offers are only meant for those leads that are ready to buy. These will include discounts, free trials, demos, or other final means to encourage purchase. While highly effective, they could just scare off anybody not ready for this stage so it’s important to make sure they are targeted to the right audience.

Strategically using top, middle and bottom of the funnel offers at the right time and as part of an ongoing nurturing campaign offer the best chance for success in your Inbound Marketing efforts. Trying to rush the process or overloading the topic and content provided could just confuse your prospect pool and negatively affect your results. Remember, your content strategy is there for a reason. Be diligent, patient and ready to react to your leads based on their progression through your funnel.

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