When you want someone to really hear you, let them come to you. This a basic principle behind inbound marketing in Atlanta, and it is taking over the more traditional outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is done through blogs, SEO articles, ebooks, video production, podcasts — basically through different forms of content that customers or potential customers are actively looking for. Outbound marketing, in contrast is the uninvited ads, that often make people change the channel or choose the moment they are running to run throw in a load of laundry.

One company really does a great job with a variety of inbound marketing methods is TalentZoo.com. Talent Zoo is a website that helps both job seekers and those looking to hire find the perfect fit. While the site has plenty of job listings, it also provides quality content that helps visitors learn to do more than apply for a job, but to present themselves to prospective employers.

The jobs featured aren’t just any jobs, they are jobs that are challenging, but enjoyable. Advertising, marketing, creative, and technical jobs that are designed to do more than kill 40 hours a week and pay the rent, but be careers people can enjoy for years. It’s also a great place for employers to learn how to effectively recruit great people that will remain loyal and effective workers as long as they need them.

Articles and blogs featuring optimal Search Engine Optimization, have long been an important part of the site, but now Talent Zoo has introduced #Zoonami, a video series that provides informative content in yet another way. Video is a great choice for inbound marketing for a number of reasons. It can be easily indexed by Google and other search engine, and gives readers a chance to get advice in a different format. With the Zoonami YouTube channel, visitors can watch number of videos that provide everything from how to write an effective job posting, to interview tips.

SEO marketing, through blogs, podcasts, videos, and articles is something that can be effective whenever there are people or businesses that have products, services, or knowledge available that people truly hunger for. Take the challenge and find out how you can make the people you want come to you.

Here is a video that DCD produced for TalentZoo.com.